Retail Design News & Trends:

Supermarkets - 23.03.2019

How can retailers and design agencies best connect technology with shoppers?

Here are three issues that the retailer and their design agency face. Offers and discounts are top of the list of many growth strategies. Mobile shoppers are savvy about seeking deals and discounts, and retailers are paying attention. Many reta...

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Fashion - 23.12.2018

Fashion trends that will define retail design in 2019

Consumers are investing in sustainable living more than ever before, from the clothes they wear to the way they shop. Fashion retailers are responding by adopting a multi-faceted approach to make not just their clothes, but the stores in which t...

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Supermarkets - 26.09.2018

Several ways grocery retailers & technology are elevating the store experience

Alibaba is rapidly expanding its new offline retail store, Hema, throughout China. The tech giant has grown its brick-and-mortar supermarket to 100 stores over the last year. Hema is the next generation retail experience and brainchild of Alibab...

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Fashion - 11.09.2018

Customer brand loyalty at Shein, Fashion Nova and Bonobos

Many businesses are finding that consumers are loyal to the combination of brick-and-mortar and the pure-play digital shopping experience as a consequence of design at the point of interface. Today's brick-and-mortar retailers are facing an uph...

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Digital Media - 02.08.2018

The power of Pinduoduo e-commerce App

Serial entrepreneur Colin Huang Zheng, the founder and chief executive of social commerce company Pinduoduo, said counterfeit goods remain an unavoidable problem in China amid the steady development of the country's online retail market. Th...

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Supermarkets - 31.07.2018

The Future of Supermarket design

In recent news articles posted on this site, our insight has focused on Amazon Go, Wholefoods, Albert Heijn, Gooz and what the supermarket itself may look like in years to come. It's been a game-changing decade for the industry and has set...

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Fashion - 28.07.2018

Can mass influencer marketing backfire for brands?

Fashion brands, particularly legacy houses such as Dior, have been notably late to the game in terms of embracing digital and coming up with innovative influencer marketing methods, which is why their efforts can feel in-your-face and inorganic....

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Banks - 25.07.2018

The lifestyle bank design Generation Y and innovation concept to branch interiors - BOQ

When searching for the meaning of financial branding and design for the industry, I came across this quote.  “Ultimately, a brand is the things people say about you when you're not there,” says Jeff Bezos, CEO of With so ...

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Shopping Mall - 24.07.2018

JK Iguatemi mall Sao Paulo - components for the future of retail mall design

Situated in the heart of Itaim, Sao Paulo, Brazil the challenge for the developer and designers of JK Iguatemi mall, was to create a luxurious shopping centre in Sao Paulo with restaurants, cinemas, 3 office towers as well as local and internati...

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Fashion - 23.07.2018

Fashion Nova Instagram retailing store design

Is Fashion Nova the fastest-growing women's apparel company in the U.S.? With 10.7 million followers on Instagram, independent of the traditional brands, according to Google, Fashion Nova was one of the most searched fashion brands alongside Gu...

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Technology - 12.07.2018

Telecommunications retail store design

The competition has arrived. Over-the-top (OTT) players, which offer apps and streaming content directly to consumers through the Internet, have increased their dominance, even in core communication services such as messaging and voice. WhatsApp...

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Shopping Mall - 14.02.2018

Emporium Mall Melbourne - successful design and branding concepts

Online shopping might be cheap and convenient, but it's also one-dimensional and impersonal compared to a well-crafted retail brand strategy and an elegant interior design of a shopping mall. By offering such a bottomless well of upper to middle...

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Fashion - 19.01.2018

A luxury brand strategy campaign and a retail design agency analysis

Only a few leading retailer brand agencies create successful strategies for change. In a previous article, we reviewed the multi-channel fashion retail pioneer, Louis Vuitton. In this article, we turn our attention to the role in social media a...

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Fashion - 21.10.2017

Developing a luxury brand strategy, and a brand agency overview

In a previous article, we reviewed the multi-channel fashion retail pioneer, Chanel. In this article, we turn our attention to strategies for the luxury segment brand Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton brand and the LV monogram are among the worl...

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Fashion - 18.10.2017

A design consultant’s view of the value of a luxury brand identity

Chanel is one of the most valuable luxury brands in the world, with an estimated total brand value of $11 billion. The premium French fashion label is recognised in the international market as a brand that specialises in the design of fashionabl...

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