Asda hypermarkets UK


A hypermarket retail concept in Milton Keynes, England. Interior store design, brand strategy, marketing communications graphics and way-finding signage.

Asda marketing campaign concept more for you at Asda price store branding
Branding the store exterior with the "More for you at Asda price" concept. 

Consumers continually ask: "What's in it for me?" The answer: "Expect more and pay less."

The solution to ASDA's marketing strategy of "Always low prices" was found in a partial quote from Shakespeare. "More for you"

Brand identity change new brand concept for Asda more for you at Asda price

"More for you at ASDA Price!" A new marketing strategy was born.

We focused on the benefit of shopping at ASDA.

Values associated with stewardship of the land, the seasons of agricultural production, community and low prices.

Exterior store branding car park navigation signage concept for Asda more for you at Asda price
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Transforming a hypermarket category

The solution to the problem of the one dimension proposition was found in a three-dimensional approach to communicating benefits. Values associated with stewardship of the land, the relationship of seasons to agricultural production, the farmer the individual and the community offered a surprising array of marketing opportunities.

The “More” concept emerged along the following lines for the following reasons. Consumers continually ask “What’s in it for me?” The answer is “More for you”. Expect more and pay less. By being more contemporary and more confident management grasped the success in delivering on an expectation of more …” More for you at ASDA Price!”

The concept then took shape: More local, More fresh, More healthy, More caring and More committed. Why was the “More” concept relevant?

More local – ASDA source more local produce within 15 miles of their stores than any other supermarket;

More fresh – ASDA are committed to reducing the amount of GM food; More healthy – ASDA food pledge aims to reduce fat, salt and sugar levels in ASDA brand products;

More caring – ASDA put their customers, the community and the environment first; More committed – 60% of all waste is recycled and they’re working on the other 40%; More freshness – By sourcing British food where possible, the time it takes to get food to the stores is reduced.

Hypermarket car park  planning and navigation concept for Asda
Car park branding and navigation graphics. 
Car park navigation signage concept for Asda more for you at Asda price
Car park wayfinding navigation and POS system for the hypermarket.
Car park marketing and promotion concept for Asda
 Creating POS promotion graphics for application in the car park.
In store department graphics forwine and fruit and vegetables, more for you at Asda price
Creating in-store department graphics.
Asda shopping bag design more for you at Asda price
Asda health and beauty design and planning sketches
 Health and Beauty zone planning and designing graphic POS material.
Asda health and beauty branding concept
Asda promotions suite for hypermarket gondola end and aisle
Price promotion aisle design system and graphics.