A leading financial retailer in the UK. Branch audit, interior design proposals and communications.

Branch audit, design and communications, HSBC the world's local bank
HSBC branch audit, design concepts with ideas for optimizing the bank
A branch audit at the Westfield Shopping Mall in Stratford.

HSBC branch audit. Rethinking retail interior design concepts with ideas for optimizing the bank's future brand environment position.

When auditing and re-engineering a branch network, we look at how to create a sustainable base going forward. We examine, sales process, technology, security, brand environment, digital marketing, ambience interior design and accessibility.

HSBC sketch concept ideas for accessability and interior design
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What we did for HSBC:

To support a strategy position statement of HSBC, "The world's leading local bank" and  a leading UK high street retailer. We were tasked with making recommendations about the customer experience in branch. During the branch audit we discovered there are many areas for the bank to address.

We considered the following within the branch: Technology inter-phase, clear wayfinding and zoning help to orientate customers within the branch, locating the Customer Service desk first-in-line, and the introduction a contemporary consultation hubs to act as  ‘Brand Ambassadors’ to champion the retail focus and to drive the sales strategy. 

Bank Branch audit future rebrand concepts, inspiring ideas interior design
Photos from the branch audit of the interior design and marketing material. 
Bank branch audit for HSBC existing formats
Concept of modular contemporary consultation hubs.
HSBC Bank branch concept modules branding and marketing
Bank branch audit for HSBC existing modular interior design
Concept design visual for the branch.
HSBC Bank branch audit future existing interior design
HSBC bank branch innovation future rebrand concepts, inspiring sketch ideas
Sketchy concept of the ATM and interactive banking lobby.
 HSBC future rebrand concepts, inspiring sketch ideas for interior design
Sketch of the teller and interactive banking points.
Concept sketches for entrance are of HSBC bank
Concept sketches ideas for digital technology in branch at HSBC bank
Sketches of future concepts for interactive technology points.
HSBC bank branch audit by brand consultant
Photos from the branch audit of the shopfront branding and marketing material.