Retail Design News & Trends:

Banks - 23.01.2021

Why should you invest money in an outdated branch? Profitable rebranding for banks.

Real cost savings can be achieved by using a light touch investment model to update the brand and brand environment of a retail branch network; allowing institutions with budget limitations to transform the branch network with a similar outcome ...

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New experiential bank branch rebrand interior design and innovation lifestyle concepts
Banks - 17.12.2020

Retail Bank trends 2021, inspiring branch design and digital brand innovation at Virgin Money.

During a visit to my recently refurbished local bank branch, I discovered a chic, contemporary and stylish interior with a sense of urban design which is shaping the physical setting for life in cities. Welcome to my local bank at Studio B, ...

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Banks - 18.02.2020

Why the bank branch of the future will look nothing like the bank of yesterday - Umpqua

Walk into some bank branches today and you might think you wandered, by mistake, into a Capital One café where management has deliberately chosen to strip out tellers and cash handling facilities. At Umpqua Bank in Portland Orego...

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Banks - 27.01.2020

Bank innovation new concept ideas and trends in lifestyle branch design‎ - PSB Moscow

Campbell Rigg has been working with large banks in the retail sector for the last few years to develop and deliver new bank branch concepts. The new branch concept is an expression of Campbell Rigg's commitment to innovation, utilising interac...

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Bank innovation new concept ideas and trends in lifestyle branch design‎ - PSB Moscow
Banks - 31.12.2019

Trends in branch design for banks incorporating cafe lounges and tech lifestyle concepts

Since the year 2000, many management teams, design and branding agencies in the financial industry have wrestled with what future role branches might have. The underlying question remains: Will mobile and digital services kill the brick-and-mort...

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DBS design rebrand creates innovative bank interior design
Banks - 25.07.2018

The lifestyle bank design Generation Y and innovation concept to branch interiors - BOQ

When searching for the meaning of financial branding and design for the industry, I came across this quote.  “Ultimately, a brand is the things people say about you when you're not there,” says Jeff Bezos, CEO of With so ...

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Banks - 02.09.2017

Building brand equity for banks, lifestyle innovative branch design and fintech marketing

Does building a strong emotional brand, online and retail branch network strategy really matter?. At Wells Fargo, it would seem the management team have been indifferent to this question, their customers and brand values during the creatio...

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Banks - 14.02.2017

New design ideas and concepts for bank branches. Innovation and the digital entrants.

As bank branch traffic has slowed, we examine ways to create retail interior branch design to improve traffic for banks and credit unions in the financial services sector. Through design and digital branding strategies, we aim to plan branch for...

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Banks - 26.11.2016

Retail financial services lifestyle design, the app and convenience branch marketing - ANZ Grow

We continually benchmark the best in class retail bank and financial services operations across the globe. At the ANZ bank, new branch formats are emerging. In this article, we present images from the ANZ Grow format, a wealth branch format...

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Banks - 25.09.2016

New and innovative retail bank branch concept design formats - CUA

A multi-channel transformation across different financial channels. Financial marketers are facing a demographic challenge as the millennial generation discover new alternatives that are challenging the primacy of traditional providers. Young p...

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