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A technology and electronics retailer in the UK. Creation of the brand identity and POS communications.

Black Technology rebrand identity, entrance to store at Westfield Shopping Mall Stratford

We help business leaders discover and define a brand narrative that
will inspire consumers.

Black is a premium Currys PC World high-end
technology retail chain, aimed at gadget
enthusiasts and is one example of a brand
that inspires consumer loyalty.

Location - Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford, London.

Black Technology Typographic evolution of the brand identity

Trends in Smart technologies

The original ‘Black’ brand identity appealed to Design Driven Spenders. Customer feedback on the branding was very positive and in line with consumer audience expectations, as it portrayed a modern, trendy, upmarket technology store.

However, the Currys PC World Brand Portfolio strategy aims to rationalise the number of brands that Currys PC World has in its portfolio. Following our work creating the brand identity for Currys PC World, we were asked to dual-brand the store Currys/PC World Black and make the branding feel more like ‘Black’.

It was felt that the BLACK standalone logo does not have enough connection to the new Planet master brand and customers are confused or do not know that BLACK is a Currys PC World offer.

The typeface of the previous logo is too light to have an impact and stand out on the high street. The lime green has no relevance to either brand.

We redesigned the BLACK logo so that it becomes a sub-brand and has more of a connection to the new brand identity we created for Currys PC World whilst keeping the look and feel of a premium concept.

The next step of the design process focused on communication at various points along the customer journey. What electrical retailers need is consistency, and a customer-oriented approach to establish a presence in a busy media environment. Calming, matter-of-fact messages showing an active ‘doing philosophy’ helps customers get the right service. Positive and enthusiastic in tone, clear with pricing, less ‘service talk’ and more ‘making life easier' and getting things fixed.


Black Technology rebrand identity, store front at Westfield Shopping Mall Stratford

Working with the Marketing team
of Currys PC World, we rebranded Black with a new corporate identity and created a communications suite for application to their retail stores.

Black Technology visual of store front
Black Technology visual of store front
Black Technology, POSM design and communication
Black Technology, Point of sale material, design and communication
Black Technology, cash desk and Point of sale material, design and communication
PC World Business branding, Point of sale material, design and communication