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Retail stores and brands in the electrical and technology sectors. See the corporate identity and POS strategy in-store of Currys PC World.

Currys PC World innovative high street branding to store front  

Currys PC World: Merging the brand identities of two electrical technology store retail brands.

The new identity needed to widen consumer appeal, differentiate the combined offering of the two businesses from the competition and carry across all communications through the line. Multiple store locations – United Kingdom.

Currys PC World innovative corporate brand identity
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Merging two brand identities

The Currys brand identity had been reviewed around 18 months prior to our appointment and rolled out across new store fascias, advertising, online and POS.

There were a number of factors that led Currys management to review their brand Identity again. The Currys logo was not well-liked within the business because:
It lacked standout on store fascia
The colours didn’t remain true through different printing processes
The red was difficult to see as it is tonally close to the blue – the logo ‘flares’
The colours are not associated with technology
It doesn’t really convey any personality
The new 2 in 1 store the Currys and PC World logos do not sit well together

What the client wanted:
A new brand identity that widens the appeal to target audiences without losing our value credentials.
To create a modern identity that plays to strengths as a multi-channel technology retailer.
An identity that differentiates us from our competition and stands out in all store locations.
A simple brand identity that is carried across all communications through the line and is aligned to our brand values and our core purpose.
An identity that can work with the existing (or an updated) PC World logo in a 2 in 1 environment.

What electrical retailers need is consistency, and a customer-oriented approach to establish a presence in a busy media environment. Calming, matter-of-fact messages showing an active ‘doing philosophy’ help customers get the right service. Positive and enthusiastic in tone, clear with pricing, less ‘service talk’ and more ‘making life easier’ and getting things fixed. We believe that the shopping experience must be appreciated by being deserved, capturing the excitement of technology through creativity but with the right solution for the right message. 

Currys PC World previous brand images
Currys PC World innovative Southhampton Megastore branding
Innovative Megastore branding. 
Currys PC World corporate sub-brand identity PC World Business
Currys PC World corporate sub-brand identity PC World Business in-store
Creating a su-brand identity for PC World Business. 
Currys PC World corporate identity Megastore warehouse entrance
Currys PC World corporate sub-brand identity PC World Business in-store brand communications
Creating innovative POS communiations. 
Currys PC World corporate in-store brand communications
Currys PC World corporate in-store brand sales communications
Currys PC World  cash desk in-store customer promise, recycling and 28 day money back guarantee communications