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Supermarket store design, brand strategy and format planning.
We help food retailers align their brand image with their goods and services offering.

Retailer branding is the definition of the store brand identity. This means listing brand values that are relevant to the consumer and sufficiently different from the competition. The next step is to align the brand image and the brand environment with the goods and services offering.

We aim to create a welcoming first impression of fresh produce, dedicated focal points with a strong call to action for promotions, a more intuitively easy to shop customer journey and destination hero areas in dead corners of the store.

By increasing the fresh footage in supermarkets and having compelling health and beauty and homewares departments, we help clients increase sales of new and refurbished stores with sales per square meter significantly ahead of the chain average.

Migros new delicatessen counter design

How do our clients benefit from our services?
By creating a brand. One client who invested in our store design and format planning services saw like for like sales increase 25% and as a consequence immediately invested in a 40 store refurbishment programme within 12 months of the prototype opening. We aim to increase sales and share of wallet for the retailer, via customer-centric cross merchandising strategies.
(Please see the Migros case study).

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Migros supermarket interior store design

Migros homewares department and store design

Migros health and beauty department

Tesco Supermarket Welshpool

Tesco Supermarket Fruit and Vegetable department Welshpool

Tesco Supermarket Bakery department Welshpool

Tesco Supermarket Wine department Welshpool

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