Concept Man UK

Fashion Stores

An innovative fashion brand identity and interior store design from the past. The predecessor to River Island.

Concept Man rebrand, new trends, concept ideas, fresh bright and intelligent
Concept Man brand identity for shop front
Creating a brand identity and external signage.  

Concept Man - creating a retail
brand Identity and fashion store interior design trend.

The management team of Concept Man cleverly merged a buying, branding, store design and merchandising strategy
to sell fast fashion. 

Concept Man brand interior store design shopfront signage
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Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered

Our work with retailers seeks to support management in their attempt to develop today's brand leader into tomorrow's success story.

The Lewis Group management team cleverly merged a buying, branding store design, format segmentation and merchandising strategy to sell product stories, ideas and solutions. The buying teams created product stories based on life-needs solutions. This activity was supported with a “Best in Class” store design.

The branding and layout of stores were designed to embrace the “hummingbird strategy”. For example value, new seasonal ranges are located in “Zone A” (the first ten feet of the store) where a new product is merchandised and displayed every week. Consequently, customers are enticed to visit frequently. 

We designed the store interior, fixtures, fittings, lighting systems, internal signage and POS promotions. We created the master brand, sister and sub-brand identities. We designed store concepts for stand-alone stores, and shop within shop departments.

Concept Man fashion store brand interior  internal brand signage for shop escalators design merchandising systems
Concept Man fashion store brand interior store design brand signage for shop escalators
Concept Man fashion store ceiling lighting rafts and interior design
Concept Man fashion store interior design and innovative lighting system
Concept Man fashion store interior design escalator design