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Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall - 01.02.2021

Siam Paragon and EMQuatier malls, innovative food court interior design and branding.

Food courts have long been synonymous with shopping malls, but as the mall continues its astonishing decline as a hub of suburban activity in the United States, there are however some remarkable new developments taking route in the Far East. O...

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Siam Paragon and EMQuatier malls, innovative food court interior design and branding.
Supermarkets - 25.01.2021

Innovative supermarket and grocery store interior design concepts - Aldi China - Review

Is small the new Superstore? Aldi is currently testing innovative retail strategies in China, from which they then quickly make adjustments and improvements based on customers' feedback and data collection. Aldi offers a mix of imported and ...

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Fashion - 24.01.2021

Zara emblematic global flagship store on corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan - Review

During our research into fast fashion retailing for new trend concepts and innovative store design, we came across the Zara flagship store on corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan. The store, occupies 3,500 square metres and includes women's and c...

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Cinema Zara Milan - Spectacular new concept ideas for technology lifestyle retail interior design.
Supermarkets - 23.01.2021

Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens, a truly sophisticated superstore rebrand and design creation.

What stands out from the interior merchandising of the store is the focus on fresh food and freshly prepared food theatre. Loblaws refer to the concept as a theatre of food. There is an impressive deli counter containing refrigeration with ...

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Loblaws supermarket design innovation new concepts and retail ideas
Banks - 23.01.2021

Why should you invest money in an outdated branch? Profitable rebranding for banks.

Real cost savings can be achieved by using a light touch investment model to update the brand and brand environment of a retail branch network; allowing institutions with budget limitations to transform the branch network with a similar outcome ...

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New experiential bank branch rebrand interior design and innovation lifestyle concepts
Shopping Mall - 22.01.2021

Siam Discovery Mall cutting edge retail interior design and architecture

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) named the building's design the most cutting edge in the world. Siam Discovery is a 7-storey shopping mall with a sophisticated concept of presenting items on display. The concept was created...

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Duty Free - 07.01.2021

Spirits industry branding and design for BELUGA Vodka, JSC Synergy - Russia.

When the first bottle of BELUGA Vodka rolled off the production lines at the Mariinsk Distillery. The management team began to consider the strategic positioning of the brand. Employing design and marketing consultants to position the BELUGA V...

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BELUGA Vodka brand experience marketing strategy spirits industry
Banks - 17.12.2020

Retail Bank trends 2021, inspiring branch design and digital brand innovation at Virgin Money.

During a visit to my recently refurbished local bank branch, I discovered a chic, contemporary and stylish interior with a sense of urban design which is shaping the physical setting for life in cities. Welcome to my local bank at Studio B, ...

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Supermarkets - 09.12.2020

Can compact retail format design provide an answer to hypermarket and supermarket profitability?

Consumers are shopping ever smarter and closer to home. In this context, has the hypermarket and large supermarket formats become irrelevant in certain locations? Our perception is some other trends are impacting large format food retailing. ...

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Fashion - 04.12.2020

H&M fashion and homewares retail trends, merging digital and brick-and-mortar shopping

Eighteen months ago H&Ms Home concept store opened in Regent Street, London. The store has established its presence to become a favourite home furnishing, style and interiors destination venue. H&M management refers to the brand concept as...

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Technology - 26.11.2020

Electrical store design retail trends for 2021 – Media Markt stores

Here are several trends to consider when an electronic retailer wishes to reimage the store. The last Media Markt concept stores to open were in Eindhoven Netherlands and Wilrijk Belgium. These developments aimed to present the electronics reta...

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Shopping Mall - 06.11.2020

EmQuartier, Bangkok - an innovative shopping mall, retail branding and interior design

As part of a process of design discovery, we continually visit and benchmark the best in class shopping malls and branding innovations in major cities across the globe. On a recent visit to Thailand, we photographed the EmQuartier Mall in downt...

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Supermarkets - 06.11.2020

A focus on fresh food at the convenience supermarket - Giant Heirloom Market, Philadelphia

In the centre of Philadelphia, USA, Ahold Delhaize the grocery retailer has opened the first outlet of its new city supermarket called Giant Heirloom Market. The new design concept is the result of twelve months of consumer research with local i...

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Shopping Mall - 06.11.2020

Shopping centre awards, innovation and cutting edge retail design - Adigeo, Verona, Italy

ECE's Adigeo was awarded in the category “Best New Development” 2019 European Shopping Centre Awards. The format planning of the centre is based on the shape of the land forming a V shape. Glass facades provide a bright, friendly ambience...

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Supermarkets - 23.10.2020

Convenience and flexibility in supermarket design at REWE, Germany

The supermarket sector has been somewhat static over the past couple of years, with little of the groundbreaking innovation since the beginning of the 2000s. So it is very refreshing to see REWE in Germany injecting some passion into supermarke...

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