Retail Design News & Trends:

Fashion - 10.10.2017

A brand design consultant’s view of the value of contemporary branding

The best brand design consultants have moved beyond just creating and placing visual graphic elements. They recognise the impact of digital and the social media experience, which now form an integral part of brand strategies. Brand imaging today...

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Non-food - 08.10.2017

A design consultant's review of re-imagining the brand experience

When the back office becomes the front office, with every B2C and B2B transaction interaction and touchpoint forming a potential public relations channel, Omni-channel brand strategies and social media content now influence the market view of yo...

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Duty Free - 06.10.2017

Travel retail spirits branding and design agency, Beluga Vodka

When the first bottle of BELUGA Vodka rolled off the production lines at the Mariinsk Distillery, the management team began to consider the strategic positioning of the brand and employed design and marketing consultants to position the BELUGA V...

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Health & Beauty - 02.10.2017

A brand agency review of a health & beauty retail pioneer

In a previous article, we reviewed the multi-channel ethical beauty retail pioneer, The Body Shop. In this the third and final article in the series on health and beauty retailing, we turn our attention to multi-channel strategies for the heal...

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Health & Beauty - 27.09.2017

A brand strategy for the health & beauty retail pioneer, The Body Shop

In a previous article, we reviewed the multi-channel beauty retail pioneer, Douglas GmbH. In this, the second of three articles we turn our attention to strategies for niche ethical beauty retailing. The Body Shop has been referred to as the ...

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Health & Beauty - 26.09.2017

A design agency review for health & beauty retail pioneer, Douglas

When a health and beauty client shared their vision and brand strategy for growth, they asked Campbell Rigg, founder and CEO of our agency, to research creative ideas, cross-platform brand strategies and retail design trends in each of the abo...

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Duty Free - 21.09.2017

Travel retail Cognac branding and design for Baron Otard

During our research into premium travel retail spirits brands, we discovered a project tucked away in our brand agency archive, a cognac brand activation campaign executed by our design team for Baron Otard Cognac, part of Bacardi Global Travel ...

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Shopping Mall - 18.09.2017

Innovative Shopping Mall and Food Court design - Westfield Sydney

As part of a process of shopping centre design renewal, we continually visit and benchmark the best in class mall operations in major cities across the globe. In this article, we review the Westfield Sydney mall design, which provides a fusion ...

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Fashion - 17.09.2017

Children’s fashion and toy retail design brand agency

The creation of the Detskiy Mir store concept was inspired by children's fashion and toy retail trends from across the globe and profiled to target audience expectations. The strategy for the repositioning of the Detskiy Mir brand was extremely...

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Duty Free - 14.09.2017

Travel retail vodka branding and design for Grey Goose

When a premium spirits industry client briefed us on their brand strategy, they asked that we research creative ideas and trends in fashion retail branding and travel retail design activation programmes. During our research into fashion retail ...

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Arts - 11.09.2017

The impermanence of art, design and abstraction

Early Buddhism dealt with the problem of impermanence in a very rationale manner. This concept is known as Anicca (the belief that all things, including the self, are impermanent and constantly changing) in Buddhism, according to which, imperman...

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The impermanence of art, design and abstraction
Technology - 08.09.2017

Technology branding and trends for retail design

Campbell Rigg, CEO and founder of our company, recently commented about the company's creation of the Currys PC World brand identity, `We are seeing a most complex brand landscape ever in the retail marketplace. Consumers want the latest in bran...

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Supermarkets - 05.09.2017

Amazon Go and food retail design

Amazon is laying the groundwork to bring its checkout-free grocery store "Amazon Go" to America and Europe, as the Seattle based online giant steps up efforts to enter the global food market. Amazon Go deliberately avoid using a traditional ret...

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Supermarkets - 04.09.2017

Branding and Hypermarket design trends Albert Heijn

When Albert Heijn XL opened its doors in Eindhoven, we saw a completely renewed retail hypermarket brand concept, full of technological innovations. The XL is a big megastore with a world of food, colour, theatre and smell. It is lively and full...

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Banks - 02.09.2017

Building brand equity for banks, lifestyle innovative branch design and fintech marketing

Does building a strong emotional brand, online and retail branch network strategy really matter?. At Wells Fargo, it would seem the management team have been indifferent to this question, their customers and brand values during the creatio...

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