Retail Design News & Trends:

Fashion - 30.08.2017

PRADA 2017 campaign fashion design branding and Willy Vanderperre

When a luxury spirits industry client briefed us on their brand strategy, they asked that we research creative ideas and trends in fashion branding and design. In a previous article, we chose to look at Mario Testino who worked with the retail b...

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Fashion - 28.08.2017

MICHAEL KORS fashion design and Mario Testino

A client recently asked us to identify creative ideas and trends in fashion retail branding. During our research, we came across the photographer Mario Testino who had been working with Michael Kors. The lights and opulence of Las Vegas inspire...

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Duty Free - 25.08.2017

Travel retail whisky branding and design for Highland Park

If travel retail spirits brands are willing to engage with their customers more, they will succeed in the exciting brand evolution of the drinks industry because premiumisation is driving spirits value and growth. The potential for brand strate...

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Fashion - 18.08.2017

Fashion retail design trends in Turkey - brand agency

Boyner, the fashion and department store retailer has 139 stores in 37 provinces in Turkey, with 6 different retailing concepts - Boyner department stores, Boyner Sports, YKM Sport concept stores, Outlet Stores and YKM Stores. In a consumer mar...

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DIY - 18.07.2017

Leroy Merlin DIY retail trends through the eyes of brand consultants

Customers are demanding more and more from retailers, and retailers are demanding even more from their brand consultants. There is an expectation the retail customer will be serviced and marketed to in ways that are personalised and convenien...

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Technology - 30.06.2017

Driving retail telecoms sales with brand consultants

Executing a telecoms brand and store design strategy in this increasingly complex world requires excellence in every aspect of retail and achieving retail excellence is not easy. The executive management team of MegaFon, Russia's second-largest ...

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Fashion - 02.03.2017

Fashion retail store design vs. digital divide

In 2017 and the near future, consumers will want the best of all worlds physical and virtual. We observe a complex brand landscape is developing where consumers want the latest in technology, more personalised experiences and opportunities to in...

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Banks - 14.02.2017

New design ideas and concepts for bank branches. Innovation and the digital entrants.

As bank branch traffic has slowed, we examine ways to create retail interior branch design to improve traffic for banks and credit unions in the financial services sector. Through design and digital branding strategies, we aim to plan branch for...

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Forecourt - 31.01.2017

Petrol Forecourt Design

Blue sky thinking, practical problem solving and world-class strategies pay dividends when it comes to branding petrol forecourt retail design. Within urban areas of our cities, we will see much smarter use of existing petrol forecourt real est...

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Shopping Mall - 18.01.2017

Emporium successful city centre shopping mall design and planning

When it comes to retail interior shopping mall planning, design and branding strategies, we aim to plan the GLA, to animate as many retail brands and as many experiences as possible by making the shopping experience a retail wonderland. In this ...

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Supermarkets - 24.12.2016

Fresh food convenience store design consultant

For anyone who likes good food from convenience stores, we follow the latest food trends when designing these formats. We seek to work with the best retailers, food bloggers, suppliers and engineers to anticipate where the consumer demand and tr...

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Shopping Mall - 14.12.2016

Adaptability in planning and refurbishing a shopping mall for the future.

Adaptability is a word which is often used in relation to shopping mall design and is required at every level of retail property development chain, from master planning, through to the design and future refurbishment requirements of shopping mal...

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Fashion - 04.12.2016

Department store design and Black Friday promotions

Heavily discounted boots have been adopted by U.S. retailers nationwide as the perfect "door-buster" for Black Friday. Department stores have found an alternative to the low-price TVs sold by electronic chains to draw crowds over the Thanksgivi...

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Banks - 26.11.2016

Retail financial services lifestyle design, the app and convenience branch marketing - ANZ Grow

We continually benchmark the best in class retail bank and financial services operations across the globe. At the ANZ bank, new branch formats are emerging. In this article, we present images from the ANZ Grow format, a wealth branch format...

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Arts - 04.10.2016

Burning Man, an event in celebration of impermanence and change

Friends of CampbellRigg flew to Nevada to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Burning Man. The annual gathering partly empties Silicon City during the first week of September and packs 65,000 inhabitants into a temporary community erected in the B...

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Burning Man, an event in celebration of impermanence and change