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Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall - 27.09.2016

Siam Paragon innovative shopping mall interior design concepts

In this article, we present design ideas and shopping mall innovation and planning in the Far East and in Europe to inspire mall operators and management teams to consider re-engineering the mall format. Innovative brand experiences in mall de...

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Banks - 25.09.2016

New and innovative retail bank branch concept design formats - CUA

A multi-channel transformation across different financial channels. Financial marketers are facing a demographic challenge as the millennial generation discover new alternatives that are challenging the primacy of traditional providers. Young p...

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Banks - 23.09.2016

Marketing digital banking to cashless generations with new branch design concepts

This is the first of a series of posts concerning Insights for Marketing Digital Banking and Financial Services Solutions to Generation Y and contains thoughts and ideas first published in an article by Elizabeth Romme at the Escher Group 01.09....

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Fashion - 22.09.2016

Department store omni-channel design consultants

How to create a department store interior design that gets people to purchase more products. In the 21st Century, department store selling comes 2nd, and Omni-channel shopping is here to stay. We expect that over the next few years, it will evo...

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Digital Media - 19.09.2016

WordPress and Digital Website design agency

When William Caxton returned from Bruges to set up a printing press in Westminster, London circa 1472, he had little idea of the power and the impact of what he was about to unleash on the English speaking world. Caxton is credited with standa...

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Duty Free - 16.09.2016

Marketing POP design brand consultants

75% of consumer purchasing decisions are made at the point of purchase in-store and online. That is why it is crucial for product design and packaging to have maximum impact. Great packaging design should capture the shopper's attention and gi...

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Supermarkets - 14.09.2016

Whole Foods Market retail store design

How small producers thrive and helped define the Whole Foods Market business model. When Whole Foods Market first opened its doors as a small natural and organic retailer in 1980, local producers were the lifeblood of the business. Thirty-Six...

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Supermarkets - 08.09.2016

Convenience food retail store design

When you look at the heart of a large city it is clear that there is room for diversification of food and non-food formats. Micro-convenience store concepts are the ultra-compact store covering less than a 100sqm and have long been in fashion. ...

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Fashion - 02.09.2016

Instagram is a new selling platform

Whilst retail store design remains important for retailers. There are, however, some interesting new developments taking shape in the market. The clothing retailer TopShelf Style, a San Fransico based retailer, is a recent example of social medi...

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Shopping Mall - 07.08.2016

Siam Paragon and EMQuatier malls, innovative food court interior design and branding

Food courts have long been synonymous with shopping malls, but as the mall continues its astonishing decline as a hub of suburban activity in the United States, there are however some remarkable new developments taking route in the Far East. O...

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Siam Paragon and EMQuatier malls, innovative food court interior design and branding
Technology - 06.08.2016

Trends in telecommunication retail design

Telecoms retail outlets - trends and innovation Telecommunication is an industry, based on technology. It is, therefore, no surprise that customers expect telecommunication retail outlets to be innovative and full of cutting-edge design solutio...

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Supermarkets - 06.08.2016

Digital design brings new opportunities to food retail consultants

Food retail: digital brings new opportunities to brick-and-mortar On June 6, 2016, Amazon launched a full online supermarket service in the UK. With other major players, such as Ocado, already influencing the market, the brick-and-mortar food ...

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Banks - 19.07.2016

Trends in bank rebranding, the digital revolution lifestyle Tech Generation X,Y,Z and branch design

Brick-and-mortar bank branch: what comes after the digital revolution While many retail verticals today are experiencing the digital revolution, few have been affected as much as retail banking. Globally, more than half of consumer banking in...

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