Children's fashion and toy retail design brand agency

The creation of the Detskiy Mir store concept was inspired by children's fashion and toy retail trends from across the globe and profiled to target audience expectations.

The strategy for the repositioning of the Detskiy Mir brand was extremely important, especially in terms of creating a WOW effect within the brand communication material and the store environment.

Detskiy Mir Children’s fashion and toy retail design brand agency

This is a “fashion and toy store for children”, where little shoppers are particularly important, they have a special entrance, children's store directory and more than 20 entertainment areas, created by world known brands.

Our brand and retail design agency team paid attention to creating WOW effects at the entrance zone and in-store, efficient lighting system and versatile visual merchandising. The store itself is unique, as there is no competition in terms of the amount of children's interactive facilities, flexible merchandising system and emotional positioning.

Detskiy Mir Children’s fashion and toy retail design brand agency

The brand strategy and planning principles sort to demonstrate customer focus and social responsibility of the brand. Underline a distinctive point of difference and give the brand a new sales dynamic. Create a welcoming first impression of an attractive and contemporary “Children's World”.

The latest financial review shows the following results: the footfall has increased by 11.3%; CR has grown by 9.9%, the average receipt - by 8.4% and the profit by 32.6%.

Detskiy Mir is the largest children's goods retailer in Russia. The concept is now being rolled out to 480 Detskiy Mir stores in 171 Russian cities and seven cities in Kazakhstan.

Detskiy Mir Children’s fashion and toy retail design brand agency
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