A brand design consultant's view of the value of contemporary branding

The best brand design consultants have moved beyond just creating and placing visual graphic elements. They recognise the impact of digital and the social media experience, which now form an integral part of brand strategies. Brand imaging today encompasses all communication and expression, providing a strong base for a company's vision and future expansion in the marketplace.

The costly and damaging recall of millions of flammable Galaxy Note 7 smartphones wiped 98 percent off the profits of Samsung's mobile division.

The flagship phone was meant to compete with arch-rival Apple's iPhone 7, but instead, the flammable phone has done huge damage to the Samsung brand. So where does a management team go next after a calamitous product failure?

A brand design consultant’s view of the value of contemporary branding at Michael Kors

Perhaps the answer can be found in the teachings of Vipassana Meditation by the Guru, S.N. Goenka who would respond to the question of "What next?" by saying “start again with a quiet eponymous mind”

But what is more interesting for design consultants is that branding can be exciting, always evolving and engaging the hearts and minds of stakeholders.

In addition to being visually interesting and stimulating, it also demonstrates the many possibilities involved in the creative process, showing the brand in action, as a living, breathing identity that interacts with all facets of the business.

If I place myself in the position of an employee, at Ferrari or Michael Kors, I would wish to be excited to work with a modern forward-looking company. If I'm a customer, I wish to be impressed by the brand focus on innovation, price and professionalism of the marketing strategy. Either way, it has a powerful effect to help you lock into “brand fan loyalty”.

A brand design consultant’s view of the value of contemporary branding at Michael Kors

This is exactly what good branding is supposed to do: inspire, communicate, excite and provide a canvas that supports and enhances your business. It's also a great example of rebranding done right; thoughtful communication, clear motivations for changing, and subtle transformations that nod to the brand's history while moving it forward into the digital world.

Creating a brand that is flexible yet true to your core mission is key to succeeding in today's dynamic consumer environment. When thinking about a rebrand, keep these business lessons in mind; as CampbellRigg's experience demonstrates, a rebrand doesn't have to be a mind-blowing dramatic change. It's not about reinventing the wheel it's about making an impact and telling your story in a way that works for our generation. Capturing the essence of your new brand identity concept will be critical to making it stick.

CampbellRigg's branding services include strategy and positioning, identity and design, motion graphics, brand architecture, prototyping, innovation, naming, research and analytics, retail environments and experiences, engagement and activation programmes and social media design.

A brand design consultant’s view of the value of contemporary branding at Michael Kors

Founded by Campbell Rigg in 1985, the CampbellRigg agency pioneers many of the research, design, and consulting methods that are now standard in the branding industry. Today, CampbellRigg has traded in 14 countries, across Europe, the Near East and the Middle East, working with a broad spectrum of world-famous brands. We create and execute brand programmes in diverse cultural regions. From Germany to Qatar, Finland to Switzerland, Russia to Turkey and from Sweden to Azerbaijan, we engage with management teams to create exceptional brand platforms and shareholder returns. Our clients include Bacardi, Gazprom Neft, Tesco, the Blackstone Group, Unilever and many other international brand names.

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The images in this article have been sourced from Michael Kors 2017 brand campaigns and are representative of our thoughts and views relating to dynamic multi-channel brand imaging.

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