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Technology - 26.11.2020

Electrical store design retail trends for 2021 – Media Markt stores

Here are several trends to consider when an electronic retailer wishes to reimage the store. The last Media Markt concept stores to open were in Eindhoven Netherlands and Wilrijk Belgium. These developments aimed to present the electronics reta...

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Technology - 03.02.2020

Technology Stores vs Pure-play retail fashion and technology marketing and branding

We have observed the entrance of direct-to-consumer electronic and fashion retail brands over recent years, but now they are here, they will usher in the next stage of growth for digital retailers. Koio, a direct-to-consumer leather sneaker b...

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Technology - 12.07.2018

Telecommunications retail store design

The competition has arrived. Over-the-top (OTT) players, which offer apps and streaming content directly to consumers through the Internet, have increased their dominance, even in core communication services such as messaging and voice. WhatsApp...

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Technology - 08.09.2017

Technology branding and trends for retail design

Campbell Rigg, CEO and founder of our company, recently commented about the company's creation of the Currys PC World brand identity, `We are seeing a most complex brand landscape ever in the retail marketplace. Consumers want the latest in bran...

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