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Supermarkets - 23.02.2020

Supermarket design and innovation inside Hema the rise of the in-store app

The supermarket sector has been somewhat static over the past ten years, with little of the groundbreaking innovation in the UK and in parts of Europe since the beginning of the 2000s. This is certainly the case in the UK. The big supermarkets ...

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Supermarket design and innovation inside Hema the rise of the in-store app
Fashion - 23.02.2020

Pull&Bear store design and the future of fashion. Five new trends in retail.

Pull & Bear, the youth fashion brand is shifting its demographic catchment from teens to generation Y, through marketing its Heritage range. It is one of the eight brands of the umbrella company Inditex. The Pull & Bear company operates ...

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Pull&Bear store design - Millennial store concepts, experiential retail engagement
Banks - 18.02.2020

Why the bank branch of the future will look nothing like the bank of yesterday - Umpqua

Walk into some bank branches today and you might think you wandered, by mistake, into a Capital One café where management has deliberately chosen to strip out tellers and cash handling facilities. At Umpqua Bank in Portland Orego...

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Shopping Mall - 17.02.2020

IconSiam shopping mall innovation, convenience and cutting edge retail design

IconSiam where the best of Thailand's retail, entertainment, hospitality and more come together as one. IconSiam is a sensational riverside mixed-use shopping destination on the Chao Phraya River in the heart of Bangkok. The all-in-one complex,...

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IconSiam mall innovative retail concepts visionary design trends and architecture
Supermarkets - 16.02.2020

Convenience, flexibility and convergence of cutting edge technology in supermarket design

Retailers in the USA announced plans to close more than 9,300 stores in 2019, more than any other year in recent retail history. The situation in China is completely different, where Internet giants are breathing new life into physical stores, i...

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Hema supermarket app - Alipay cashless payment platform
Forecourt - 06.02.2020

Petrol forecourt as a convenience retail destination at WOG and Socar

By combining a contemporary retail interior design for essential grocery shopping and impulse purchases, both the oil companies and the grocery retailers win on two fronts, with footfall and profitability. When the management team of the West...

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Supermarkets - 05.02.2020

A new supermarket market concept for Magnit in Moscow

Magnit is the number 1 retailer in Russia as measured by the number of stores & geographical coverage, with 14,507 convenience stores, 467 supermarkets. It is a convenience food store discount retailer, next to residential buildings and the...

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Technology - 03.02.2020

Technology Stores vs Pure-play retail fashion and technology marketing and branding

We have observed the entrance of direct-to-consumer electronic and fashion retail brands over recent years, but now they are here, they will usher in the next stage of growth for digital retailers. Koio, a direct-to-consumer leather sneaker b...

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Supermarkets - 30.01.2020

Some of the supermarket trends we predict for 2020

"Simplifying apps, evolving in-store dining and expanding micro-fulfilment will be actively pursued by grocery retailers in the year ahead", says Campbell Rigg. Is small the new Superstore? We are observing a decrease in the super-sized stores ...

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Fashion - 29.01.2020

Four retail design trends changing the shopper experience of fashion stores

To offer customers more of an experience, retailers will not be able to pass on digital elements of their online presence in the store but demonstrate the functional benefits of the store design environment. We think it is about a connection be...

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Shopping Mall - 27.01.2020

Optimizing shopping mall design, planning and branding strategies

We have been working with shopping centre developers and owners in the retail sector for many years, helping to develop retail environments, branding and wayfinding technology that is reshaping the way consumers shop. Consequently, shopping mal...

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Banks - 27.01.2020

Bank innovation new concept ideas and trends in lifestyle branch design‎ - PSB Moscow

Campbell Rigg has been working with large banks in the retail sector for the last few years to develop and deliver new bank branch concepts. The new branch concept is an expression of Campbell Rigg's commitment to innovation, utilising interac...

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Bank innovation new concept ideas and trends in lifestyle branch design‎ - PSB Moscow
Duty Free - 19.01.2020

Brand Identity, Design and Branding - Bacardi Duty Free Travel Retail

The retail brand identity and design industry have undergone a significant transformation in recent years, and it continues to evolve and adapt to the changing pace of the trading cost of technology for digital channels and for physical stores. ...

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Banks - 31.12.2019

Trends in branch design for banks incorporating cafe lounges and tech lifestyle concepts

Since the year 2000, many management teams, design and branding agencies in the financial industry have wrestled with what future role branches might have. The underlying question remains: Will mobile and digital services kill the brick-and-mort...

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DBS design rebrand creates innovative bank interior design
Fashion - 31.12.2019

What is the future of Fashion and Grocery Retail? These are our predictions for 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, the Retail Design team at Campbell Rigg looks back at some of the trends that shaped fashion and grocery retail over the year and helped set some of the trends for the next decade. It was a year when the grocery indust...

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