Bank branch interior design and branding innovation concept ideas

Campbell Rigg has been working with large banks in the retail sector for the last few years to develop and deliver new bank branch concepts. The new branch concept is an expression of Campbell Rigg's commitment to innovation, utilising interactive technology to demonstrate the bank's digital channels. 

Campbell Rigg is part of an omnichannel network that seeks to provide customers with seamless banking experience, a platform that will change and develop over time with the advance of new technology and shifting customer habits.

Bank branch interior design and branding innovation concept ideas
A client of ours recently commented:
“We commissioned Campbell Rigg to develop innovative design solutions for a new line of the Bank's sales offices considering the Bank's major identity elements, across four different branch formats. The complete interior solution was then approved by the Executive management successfully adapted and implemented by Campbell Rigg”

When PSB executive management invested in our design and format planning services, they discovered it was 15% cheaper to implement our concept compared with previous turnkey contractor appointments, and also, the Net Promoter Score index showed customer loyalty moved up from 10th position to 5th position.

Bank branch interior design and rebrand innovation concept ideas

We have identified four priorities for success in 2020. They are:
1 Developing a customer-centric business model
2 Optimising distribution
3 Simplifying business and operating models
4 Obtaining an information advantage

Bank branch interior redesign and branding innovation concept ideas
Retail banks have also not kept pace with the improvements in customer experience seen in other consumer industries. Few banks stand out for innovation in customer interaction models or branch formats. Marketing investments have traditionally focused on brand building and increasing loyalty: a reputable brand stood for trust and security and became a moat, protecting new entrants to the sector.

Campbell Rigg offers a new concept of banking that encompasses the bank's ‘by your side' ethos and expresses a new way of customer experience which is open, accessible and friendly, making a bank so user-friendly.

PSB bank branch design inspiration ideas and branding concepts

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