A new supermarket market concept for Magnit in Moscow

Magnit is the number 1 retailer in Russia as measured by the number of stores and geographical coverage, with 28,707 stores in 67 regions of the Russian Federation.

It is a convenience food store discount retailer, next to residential buildings and the main pedestrian traffic flows. The trading area of the facilities is 200-600 sq. m. Most of the assortment consists of food products of daily demand - fresh vegetables and fruits, bread, dairy and meat products, confectionery and other goods.

When the management team of Magnit appointed us for our design and branding services. We were asked to create a customer-focused in-store experience that involved creating the brand environment and communication suites for their store formats in central Moscow.

Magnit's management wanted to exploit the demand for fresh produce and top-up shopping in Moscow's busy convenience food sector.

A new supermarket market interior design concept for Magnit in Moscow Russia

Following our briefing from Magnit's management, we visited Madrid to review the city centre supermarkets of Mercadona and Carrefour convenience stores.

A new supermarket market fresh produce interior design concept for Magnit in Moscow Russia

With the benchmarking phase in Madrid complete, we set about creating concept ideas that covered a spectrum of food retail design solutions, from the conservative to the progressive and innovative.

Magnit in Moscow Russia in-store fresh produce photography and brand communications

During the project, we designed the brand environment, detailed the format planning of the prototype store, developed merchandising systems and refined the designs so that they could be implemented as part of the Magnit “brand toolkit” in the Moscow area.

Magnit in Moscow Russia in-store bakery photography and branding

Our work featured interior & exterior retail store design and branding, signage and point of sale communications material, lighting systems and merchandising systems solutions.

We, at CampbellRigg, follow grocery retail innovations closely and always look for a new brand and interior design concepts. We often travel to Europe to benchmark the best in class retailers.

Our internal process of renewal, allows us to continually benchmark and write about the best in class branding and design in many market sectors across the globe.

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A new supermarket market floor layout concept for Magnit in Moscow Russia

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