The Future of Supermarket design
In recent news articles posted on this site, our insight has focused on Amazon Go, Wholefoods, Albert Heijn, Gooz and what the supermarket itself may look like in years to come.

It's been a game-changing decade for the industry and has set the foundation in place for an entirely new way to look at the formula for supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience store food retailing.

As much as tech might want to disrupt the way people shop and make everything more efficient. There are new entrants coming to the market designing app's which make a constructive contribution to the way in which we can live our lives.

Yonghui Bravo China's fastest-growing grocery retailers

An Online to Offline New Retail Platform by Yonghui supermarket

Yonghui is amongst China's fastest-growing grocery retailers. Although its primary format is hypermarkets, it is developing a network of high-end, premium supermarkets under the Yonghui Bravo banner.

In an attractive in-store environment, Yonghui Bravo stores focus on fresh products in the same way as its hypermarkets do, with great ranges of fruits and vegetables and impressive service counters.

They also have stronger ranges of imported items than Yonghui's hypermarkets, appealing to a wide range of shoppers from locals to ex-pats.

Yonghui Bravo China's fastest-growing grocery retailers

Yonghui supermarket Bravo and its Life App and WeChat Mini Program integrate the online and offline businesses of Yonghui Superstores, the fifth largest hypermarket chain operator in China. It provides online shopping and delivery services, where online orders can be delivered in 30 minutes within a distance of 3 km from the store. It can also be used as a payment tool under in-store shopping scenarios.Yonghui Bravo China's fastest-growing grocery retailers

To ground this discussion, let's remember that a food retailing business is all about people, health, education and a relationship to shoppers. So, it's time to imagine just what a supermarket can be.

Eataly for blazing the trail for the food hall trends fresh produce markert

Grocery industry management teams are constantly thinking about how they can make the shopping experience better through technology, branding, promotion communication and interior design of their goods and services.

Eataly for blazing the trail for the food hall trends fresh produce

Eataly is the counterpoint to the above statement. It is an Italian marketplace, complete with different food counters, restaurants and markets, which sells all things Italian - fresh food to inspire taste buds, authentic ingredients for tasty home-cooked meals and all manners of kitchen appliances to help bring Italian cuisine to life.

Eataly for blazing the trail for the food hall trends in cheese and delicatessan counter presentation

Eataly prides itself on offering high-quality Italian food and drink, from regional producers, as well as selected products from elsewhere in the world. The merchandising and in-store environment add to the premium look and feel, with the use of wooden fixtures, market-style stalls and enticing counters. Complementary products like homewares and cookery books provide inspiration for customers.

Eataly for blazing the trail for the food hall trends in La Panetteria freshly baked bread

Credit also must be given to Eataly for blazing the trail for the food hall trend that's currently sweeping across the U.S. While such multifaceted marketplaces combining grocery shopping with restaurants and communal dining spaces have long been popular in Europe, for many Americans, eating dinner at the same place they buy dried pasta and lettuce is a relatively new phenomenon.

Eataly for blazing the trail for the food hall trend

Our research also observes Hy-Vee, an employee-owned chain of more than 245 supermarkets located throughout the Midwestern United States, has done its version store-in-store. A highly successful and well-regarded regional grocery store chain. The brand is recognized for its innovative approach and its willingness to continually challenge the expectations of the grocery industry. “The message to shoppers is “we are all things food.”

Yonghui Bravo China's fastest-growing grocery retailers

In Australia, Coles launched a “quiet hour” in response to customer feedback, Autism Spectrum Australia and rolled out "Quiet Hour" in 68 supermarket stores to make the shopping experience a little easier.

The initiative aims to prevent sensory overload by dimming the lights by 50 percent, turning off the radio, turning down register and scanner volumes, avoiding PA announcements and avoiding trolley collections. So, there must be a benefit to the retailer and its customers. Less energy consumption and less sensory overload.

Our internal process of renewal, allows us to continually benchmark and write about the best in class retail trends in many market sectors across the globe. The images contained in this article have taken from the web and are credited to other consultants, not related CampbellRigg. Please take a moment to review other news items linked to this page.

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