A design consultant's review of re-imagining the brand experience

When the back office becomes the front office, with every B2C and B2B transaction interaction and touchpoint forming a potential public relations channel, Omni-channel brand strategies and social media content now influence the market view of your business and your brand image.

By reconfiguring a company's brand image, when developing a B2C and B2B engagement strategy and brand experience, we help management teams “lock-in brand fan loyalty” and adapt to the disruption of pure-play digital business strategies by bringing business partners on board to help keep pace with inflection point change and shareholder expectations.

Campbell Rigg have a track record to help transform customer engagement Michael Kors

But how can you transform back-office systems to deliver an outstandingly consistent customer experience? How can you leverage technology, sales, and marketing solutions to get ahead of customer expectations, business disrupters, and mainstay competitors?

We start with a vision and a strategy informed by real-world experience, market, and digital media insights and ideas. This is why the CampbellRigg agency helps management teams grow their business interests.

Do you want to integrate all of your customer touch-points, brand and marketing strategy solutions? Are you looking to derive new insights from your customer research data and act on real-time information for management? Do you want to put information at the fingertips of customers, your management team and stakeholders who need it?

Campbell Rigg have a track record to help transform customer engagement Beluga Russian Vodka

CampbellRigg have a track record to help transform customer engagement and transform business. We operate at the crossroads of brand experience and customer value, helping clients imagine, deliver, and run their future business interests. As brand design consultants, we bring together all the creative and technology capabilities, business acumen, and industry insight needed to help transform business.

By placing a strong emphasis on customer journey engagement over the past few years, many brands have realised a wealth of new benefits, including increased awareness, engagement, conversion and retention. We believe that the sky's the limit when it comes to customer journey engagement.

Global internet best practices will continue to emerge, allowing brands to incorporate more touch points into their Omni-channel strategy and deliver the experiences consumers expect.

Campbell Rigg have a track record to help transform customer engagement Beluga Russian Vodka

When it comes to understanding customer journeys, many retailers are leading the way, orchestrating 50% plus of the total journey interactions. You don't have to look far into the past or for that matter the future, when you look at the change in the business model of Argos, one of the largest brick and mortar online digital retail platforms in the United Kingdom. Argos has been a valued partner of CampbellRigg for 12 years, investing in our brand services and advice. Please view the ‘projects non-food section' of our website for more information about Argos.

Meanwhile, travel and healthcare companies are also investing heavily at 15% and 12% respectively.

These sectors are engaging customers across a broad number of channels and producing high volumes of traffic interactions. The retail industry depicts how brands may expand from approaches that focus on a single channel such as brick and mortar, to more comprehensive journey approaches that also include web, email, text click and collect, in-store touchpoints and comprehensive lifestyle social media campaigns shared on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest.

Campbell Rigg have a track record to help transform customer engagement Beluga Russian Vodka

The travel industry, one of the first industries to widely embrace customer journey profiling, and also continues to grow in interaction volume, primarily by incorporating additional channels into the journey for their best B2C and B2B customers.

The insurance sector has also surged, quadrupling interaction volumes year-on-year. The adoption and expansion of customer journey profiling among a more traditional industry such as travel signify the widespread success of these market sector brand strategies.

Our process of renewal allows us to benchmark and write about the best in class brand design consultant strategies in many market sectors across the globe. Please take a moment to review the ‘news section' of this website to read about our views in many market sectors.

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