Best branding and fashion retail shop design for Snow Queen in Moscow.

Snow Queen is one of Russia's larger multi fashion store chains selling fur coats and fashion apparel. The first store opened in Moscow in 1998, today there are more than 100 stores in the chain.

After hitting hard times during the global economic crisis, the Russian clothing retail market was forecast to grow by about 6% p.a. This kind of growth has spurred investment by foreign brands. In a market which has seen considerable fluctuation the principle that fashion should ‘make us dream’ applies as much to retail design as the products on sale.

Fashion store design consultants Snow Queen, Moscow

What we did for Snow Queen fashion retail.
The management team of Snow Queen commissioned us the design a new fashion store concept at there flagship in the Europeisky Shopping Mall, Moscow. Their expansion strategy was to open 40-50 new shops. The management team wanted a less rational, more emotional design with a fashionable modern personality. The project needed to be on budget, workable, and inspire the staff as well as customers at store level.

Following a store audit and benchmarking programme, we set to work producing a creative direction which would overcome many previous store design problems. For example, the colour contrast between and within zones was too busy, the own brand navigation in store needed improving, and the POS material used to differentiate zones was complicated by different stylistic values (please view the store before at the bottom of this web page).

The solution by the award-winning international retail brand agency in London.
We decided to make the Snow Queen brand more prominent above the store entrance. We agreed on a single monolithic cash desk with integrated display cases to establish the brand presence in the interior of the store and integrated prominent lighting effects. We promoted the 'private label brands' as they had to act as distinctive focal points in-store. So we reinterpreted the brand identities with a new visual application to walls, pillars, wardrobes and furniture. We introduced distinctive visual merchandising solutions with graphic elements to promote zones and we designed a versatile merchandising systems to coupe with seasonally changing fashion stories and the inherent inflexibility of the previous concept.

Fashion store retail interior design agency Snow Queen, Moscow

Making a store concept a reality in less than 8 weeks requires experience, and our design concept makes the store much brighter, crisp and clean. There is a confidence in style, reflecting optimism in the in-store experience. Product density, space utilisation was much better achieving higher sales per sqm and the black tiled runway evokes style.

Fashion store retail interior design agency Snow Queen, Moscow

Fashion store retail interior design agency Snow Queen, Moscow
Fashion store retail interior design agency Snow Queen, Moscow
Architectural plan retail store design agency, Snow Queen, Moscow