Tesco brand identity design consulants
Tesco brand design consulants

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Tesco’s brand identity refresh, own label packaging and brand equity marketing communications strategy for their retail stores produced by our design and branding agency in London.
In 1995, at the time of their last brand revision, Tesco wanted to be seen as a confident brand and challenger to Sainsbury’s and the new logo reflected a shift to a modern, sharper, ‘cleaner’ Tesco. The logo served Tesco well as the brand had grown and diversified, and was implemented rigorously across all media throughout the business.

Many years later, Tesco PLC decided they wanted a brand identity update that had a less corporate feel, and be seen as less strident with their customers.

Tesco express brand identity agency
Tesco express brand identity design consultant

We help business leaders develop a concise set of bold and innovative initiatives when building brand architecture.
By creating an updated corporate graphic identity which is able to reflect and embrace the philosophy, values and purpose articulated in the brand expressions.

"The revision to the Tesco brand identity needs to jump slightly ahead of where we are now and ‘tug us along’: reflecting a brand which is relevant, contemporary and customer focused but which also embraces its role and responsibilities in society, and is keen to be more open about its values and beliefs".

"The development logo should have the effect of softening/ humanising/warming up the brand".

Tesco extra retail brand identity packaging agency

The aim is to challenge the status quo and make the brand vision a reality.
Working closely with a special team put together by the CEO of Tesco for the project, our creative team developed a first draft of the proposed brand expression. The proposals were developed by using input from key Tesco stakeholders and latest customer feedback concerning the brand. The input and feedback were invaluable as it helped us to develop our understanding of "what delivers positive expressions for customers" and "what detracts from the mission of the brand".

Tesco brand identity design consulants
Tesco brand identity design consulants

We help you save money – at Tesco, you’ll find good prices, great deals and the widest choice of quality products and services to suit every budget
We help you save time – with Tesco it’s easier to shop the way you want to; whether it’s everything under one roof at an Extra, a quick pop into an Express or the convenience of online
We welcome everyone – we try to offer something for everyone from Value to Finest, from groceries to clothing, from healthcare to banking
We always try to give you helpful and friendly service – and listen to your comments so we can keep improving what we do
We reward your loyalty with Clubcard points - so you can save on the extras you enjoy in life
We commit to providing great tasting and healthy food – so you know you can rely on us for freshness and quality
We commit to being a good employer and good neighbour – providing local jobs, training and great staff benefits and support for local schools and             charities
We commit to strong relationships with our farmers and suppliers – setting high standards so you know your shopping always comes from a reliable and trusted source
We commit to helping the environment – we are slogan-row reducing our own carbon footprint

Tesco brand design consulants
Tesco express brand identity store design
Tesco metro brand identity retail store consultant

The brand identity change remained in trial phase due to management changes within the business but was considered by management as a valued input into the way the Tesco brand identity will develop in the future. The in-store branding programme went ahead successfully in new stores Accrington and Welshpool, with further positive customer feedback from independent research, and the new Tesco own brand packaging team incorporated our iconic pattern design on own label products. 

Tesco brand identity design consulants

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