Leading international retail design agency creates a hypermarket store, grocery shop layout, best food retail interior and brand communications for Tesco Extra.

As part of a wider remit for the development of a new corporate identity for the Group, we were asked to create a new brand environment expression for their hypermarket format. The ‘look and feel’ of the in-store experience was now in question and Tesco management wanted; a more customer-focused in-store experience which involved creating a new hypermarket store concept in Accrington Lancashire, England.

Retail store design agency, Tesco Hypermarket consultant

We follow food retail industry innovations closely and are always looking for new retail design hypermarket store concepts, grocery shop layouts, best food retail interiors and brand communications.
For Tesco Extra at Accrington, our planning principles endeavoured to create:- A more intuitively easy to shop customer journey. Destination ‘hero’ areas in dead corners of the store. Link the total fresh experience to reinforce credibility in the category. Link pharmacy and optician as a wellbeing ‘hero zone’. Service expertise at key points in the store and self-service checkouts and scan as you shop as an easier way to shop.

Retail store design agency, Tesco Hypermarket consultant delicatessen, fish counter, VM display, in-store POS

Exploiting consumer trends in superstore food retailing with fresh food and great value.
Tesco wanted to introduce a "best at fresh strategy" to refresh current food offers and enhance the customer experience, whilst supporting its passion for fresh food, availability of product and price match policy.

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Following a period of blue sky creativity, we selected “candidate” ideas and made specific recommendations as to which direction we felt best measures up to the agreed creative criteria, based on the brand expressions identified by Tesco stakeholders and focus group research.

Tesco Extra Stores design wine department, in-store POS communications brand consultants

The point of difference with the in-store integrated brand communications.
The 'ribbon' design feature links key departments and helps customers navigate the store and engage with new sign messaging. We believe it was a real step forward in functionality and tangibly a more modern store than the run of the mill Tesco big box experience. “It’s homely....the decorations, the signage and the layout, even though it is new, it feels familiar”.

Tesco Extra Stores design wine department, in-store POS communications brand consultants
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