Brand Oxley Gin, design agency duty free brand consultants

A travel retail airport duty-free spirits brand invests in a brand-building marketing campaign in the airport branded spirits sector.

Unlike any other spirits, Oxley is made by the innovative Cold Distillation process, capturing the natural flavours of the botanicals and preserving them in the final spirit.

For several years now there has been a proliferation of gin brands entering the market. Some are from big houses, others from small craft distilleries and others still from small marketing companies with big capital and aspiration. A younger generation asking about gin, to a degree put off by over-hype about vodka, look for something else to drink, especially as it’s an essential ingredient to cocktails and an ever-increasing trend.

Brand Oxley Gin, design agency duty free brand consultants

Brand building and marketing services for Oxley.
Or creative team set about producing a duty-free display that would give the brand prominence but emphasise the visuals in an understated and classic way. The brand was successfully launched in travel outlets at Heathrow airport terminals 3 and 5, and at JFK airport, New York.

Brand design agency duty free retail brand consultants Oxley Gin
Brand agency duty free retail consultants Oxley Gin design