Eristoff Vodka brand building campaign in the airport duty-free branded spirits industry sector.

Premium and super-premium brands have been important drivers in the growing vodka category for some time, but one key trend is the growth of the ultra-premium segment. It was bound to happen where there was year-on-year constant growth coupled with increased sophistication behind marketing strategies and consumer profiling.

What we did for Eristoff the ultra-premium travel retail brand. With this new segment emerging Eristoff was mindful of its own brand marketing strategy and to maximise impact, Eristoff embarked on a global advertising campaign. We were involved with designing the visual identity for collateral material and posters, for merchandising at Orly Airport, France.

Our aim was to emphasise the wolf brand mark against a barren landscape of Georgia, making an important distinctiveness for this historic brand, “Vodka From The Land Of The Wolf”.