Sundance Organic Food store supermarket design by a leading London retail design agency.

When Sundance Market first opened its doors as a small natural and organic retailer on the King's Road in Chelsea, local producers in London was the lifeblood of the business. That statement still rings true for many businesses. They know what it feels like to be a small business with a vision and understand that local businesses, even those with the highest quality products and a strong business plan need a partner.

Sundance organic retail store design consultants
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Sundance Organic Food store supermarket design by a leading London retail design agency.

The growing understanding of the connection between diet and health—especially in a country with a rapidly growing 55-plus population that wants to stay healthy and active has made natural and organic products one of the most dynamic areas of food retailing.

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To exploit consumer trends in organic food retail design - we offer retailers brand and format design solutions.
Sundance Market is an innovative shopping concept based entirely on organic, natural food products and homoeopathy.

Sundance organic retail store design brand consultants

The retail concept was inspired by ancient wisdom applied in a modern world. Its philosophy draws on elements of ancient cultures such as the American Indians’ harmony with nature to the Yogi’s deep knowledge of holistic health care.

Working with the Sundance management team, we developed a store design with merchandise zoning solutions flexible enough to allow hero product categories to feature in different areas within the complex. The distinctive design solution enabled Sundance to compete against other grocery supermarket retailers as well as high street specialists in the homoeopathy category.

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