Port City shopping mall brand identity design agency

A major construction of Port City Shopping Mall, in Vinnitsa, Ukraine is planned - see the design and master planning proposal.

Continuum is a retail investment business established in Lutsk Ukraine and has set its goal of becoming the No.1 choice for the Ukrainian customer in the Shopping Mall sector. The challenge to create a successful shopping mall brand required a design consultant with experience in shopping mall design, retail strategy and branding. This is another spectacular example of master planning, an architectural landmark intended for the City of Vinnitsa, south-west of Kiev in the Ukraine.

What we did for Continuum.
Our master planning pushes the boundaries of high density - low massing destination retail design. The vision is influenced by the 25-hectare wildlife nature reserve adjacent to the development, with glass, water and light being recurrent themes.

Port City Shopping Mall planning design consultant

Above: master planning of the site

The design solution incorporates value-added leisure elements that attempt to address the convenience of online shopping.
The holistic design approach balances the social, technical, environmental and economic requirements of a project.

Two beautiful roof vaults appear to float above the expanse of the malls, capturing, sunlight through the glassed roof structure. Chandeliers suspended from the underside provide exquisite views through the fountain pond water feature above.

Port City Shopping Centre planning design consultant

Above: cross section od the centre

Vinnitsa retail and leisure mall reflects a multi-disciplinary philosophy which addresses the opportunities presented by Continuum management to our team of architects and designers. By expressing the technologies and materials from which they are to be constructed.

Master plan Shopping Mall design consultant
Master plan Shopping Centre design consultant