Firehouse restaurant interior design brand agency

See Firehouse “high tech Hacienda" restaurant interior designers. Our brand agency designs the brand environment, bespoke interiors, furniture and lighting.

Imagine visiting six of the best restaurants in Santa Fe, USA and savouring 12 delicately balanced South Western dishes designed to make your mouth water. You would be spoilt for choice! Now imagine one restaurant offered as much choice, in an environment of high tech. Hacienda. You have just been to Firehouse.

Firehouse restaurant interior staircase design agency

An innovative blend of contemporary, traditional and rustic interior themes compliment a new wave of modern South Western food. Firehouse – high tech Hacienda, is an incredible success. Our work took account of shareholder investment levels and the business proposition for a 60 cover restaurant providing South Western cuisine: - created the brand environment, provided interior design services, designed bespoke furniture and lighting, sourced bric-a-brac - negotiated planning application and consent, issued tender documents and undertook cost analysis and project management.

Restaurant interior design agency

Restaurant interior design brand agency