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Restaurants are going greener and popping up in unconventional places. Designers and marketers are developing online marketing campaigns, branding and interior design concepts for restaurant operators. Bold fresh flavours are finding their way into all cuisine types. Restaurant design concepts and cuisines are changing whilst consolidation is happening on several fronts of the restaurant sector.

Caffe Piazza restaurant interior design retail brand agency

Niche restaurant brand concepts continue to prosper and strive to be the next big thing. Many unknown restaurant concepts being cultivated today are the industry’s ‘baby gorillas’. These fledgeling restaurant which may be small enough to pick up now, but too large to handle within just a few years, will be category killers in the next decade, overtaking complacent national chains and forcing a significant change in the top restaurant companies. Because change unfolds quickly, we keep an eye out for ‘baby’ brands that show signs of growing into the next silverback gorilla.

Management teams of restaurants should be concerned with more than fresh food, good service, and ambience. The term “experiential branding” is becoming increasingly popular with management teams as we see this as a restaurant's opportunity to build relationships with guests.

Caffe Piazza restaurant brand identity agency

Future trends in restaurant design and marketing strategies.
The customer experience in restaurant design is everything. The retail format/s that you adopt will be both a mirror of the brand and the platform on which your staff will meet your customers. They should be designed and implemented at a level of image, functionality, quality and durability that delivers both the opportunities for the location and financial viability. Operators must ensure the restaurant's brand is in action through all touch points, including culinary offerings, service, and uniforms, to win credibility and loyalty with customers.

Good branding, marketing and restaurant design can help drive profitability. By making it even easier for the customer to navigate menu options, creating environments with a superb blend of visual messages, motivating staff to become brand ambassadors and communicating menu propositions tailored to customer segments improves profitability. We argue the case for establishing customer loyalty through delivering unbeatable levels of customer service.

Innovative restaurant branding and architecture.
Caffé Piazza is a restaurant design that appeals to so many of the senses - a sense of taste underline Italian flavours made in heaven, a superb blend of visual messages combine contemporary and traditional life and a balance of textures allow the remaining senses to live in harmony.
Each restaurant features an open kitchen with pizza oven, grills and preparation areas so that guests can see and hear the food being prepared and enjoy the dining experience. Heart-warmingly friendly, Caffé Piazza is truly at the leading edge of Italian restaurants. The result is dining with a difference.

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Caffe Piazza interior design and brand identity.
We designed the interior and the brand identity for the restaurant chain.

The Caffé Piazza concept illustrates our ability to design and manage fast track refurbishment programmes for clients with ambitious deadlines. The fit out of Caffe Piazza Leicester Square, London, was handed over to the client complete within eleven days of starting on-site.