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Electrical shop design, marketing technology stores and brand identity
How to create an omnichannel electrical retail store design concept that gets people to purchase technology products.

Electrical retail is going through the unprecedented change in rising e-commerce and increasingly digitally savvy consumers according to the CampbellRigg Agency. Retailers are struggling to keep up with consumers and hold costs down. Those that migrate transactions to digital channels, transform their physical environment by uncovering a customer-focused business structure that operates at a lower cost with greater agility can win.

The best electrical retailers, offer customers the opportunity to be inspired, to have fun, to be entertained and to be awe-struck by the latest technology through their multi-channel format planning retail strategy. They also provide the most memorable shopping experience.

M.Video store design, Moscow

How do our clients benefit from our services?
They often see double digit like for like sales growth following our involvement.

One client who invested in our store design and format planning services saw like for like sales increase 32% on their test stores and as a consequence immediately invested in a 280 store refurbishment programme within 36 months of the prototypes opening (Please see the M.Video case study - M.Video is the largest electrical retailer in Russia).

Currys PC World Black store, London

We also create brand identities for multi-channel brands.
Another client invested in our brand and multi-channel communications skills. Stating: “What electrical retailers need is to create a modern identity which plays to strengths as a multi-channel technology retailer. An identity that differentiates from the competition and stands out in all store locations, a simple brand identity that is carried across all communications through the line and is aligned to our brand values and our core purpose”. (Please see the Black and Currys PC World case study).

At CampbellRigg we believe the digital, as well as the bricks-and-mortar shopping experience, needs to amaze and amuse.
We aim to deliver what shoppers want through multiple channel goods and services product offering, merchandising and POS material. We test ideas in advance. We don't alienate core customers by dramatically changing it, we gently reshape as needed, it's all down to research. We aim to increases sales and share of wallet for the retailer, via customer-centric cross merchandising strategies.

Marketing and brand design services made simple at the
CampbellRigg Agency in London

Currys PC World fascia design London

Currys PC World business sub brand identity and point of sale brand tool kit

M.Video electronics hypermarket Moscow

M.Video electronics hypermarket Moscow

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