Best retail electrical technology shop interior design and integrated in-store POS marketing communications.

Businesses like M.Video, one of the largest and most successful electrical retailers in Russia, increased their use of design services, and advertising during the downturn to maintain their position as no.1 in their market.

M.Video retail technology electrical store brand consultants

How to create brand equity from technology store interior design that gets people to spend more on electrical products.
M.Video decided they needed to launch a new store concept in a bigger way. They threw open the challenge to a number of design agencies to develop a new retail store concept with new in-store communications. Their aim was to open twelve trial stores.

Technology electrical store design brand consultant M.Video
Retail technology electrical store brand consultants M.Video

When the CEO and management team of M.Video invested in our store design and format planning services they saw like for like sales increase 32% on their test retail stores and as a consequence immediately invested in a 280 store refurbishment programme within 36 months of the prototypes opening.

M.Video retail electrical store design brand agency

M.Video retail electrical store design brand agency

Brand consulting and retail store interior design and marketing services.
Our concept would integrate the best customer experience and online self-service help desks in a traditional retail environment. An entirely new sub-brand was created to promote service, the M.Service brand was launched soon after. The credit zone was redesigned to be more accessible and open for customers at the point of purchase and the checkout area was enhanced with a ‘History Wall’.

M.Video retail electrical store design brand agency