Interstep cellular accessories technology brand identity consultant

Technology product and brand identity design
Interstep is a leading manufacturer of accessories for electronic gadgets in the Russian market, with plans of developing business in Europe, America and China. The distinguishing feature of the company's business is in the use of advanced technologies in production of cellular and digital devices and accessories.

Interstep management asked Campbellrigg to create a new brand identity for the company and product design solutions for the new collection, which the company intended for launch in the EU market.

Technology brand identity consultant

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During the course of the project the development team engaged in thorough market research, analysing the competitive environment, the strategy for mobile devices and pricing. The design development team also examined  fashion trends for mobile accessories and specification for new materials through a benchmarking process of WGSN data. Several categories of accessories were consideslogan-row red in the research, including laptop bags and cases, tablet and smartphone cases, with the comparative analysis between different UK and German markets.

The new brand identity conveys values of reliability, stability and diversity coupled with emotion and flexibility. The styling and design of the new collection was consistent with the newly developed brand identity.

Interstep cellular technology brand identity digital consultant
Interstep cellular accessories technology product design consultant
Interstep cellular accessories technology product design consultant
Interstep cellular accessories technology digital design consultant
Technology product design brand consultant
Technology product design brand consultant

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The project resulted in the creation of two applications of the brand. The first to be applied onto products and the second on printed packaging. The collections included male, female and unisex directions, featuring designs from contemporary classic to trendy, with various materials used including textuslogan-row red leather, tweed and neoprene.

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