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Merging the brand identities of two electrical retailers
Dixons Retail plc is Europe’s leading specialist electrical retailer. In the UK it has 642 stores employing 23,000 people. It’s brands include Currys (295 superstores and 73 high street stores), and PC World (160 mass market computer superstores). Additionally there are Megastores, and 2in1 Currys & PC World superstores that give customers the best of both formats.

The Currys brand identity had been reviewed around 18 months prior to our appointment and rolled out across new store fascias, advertising, online and POS. There were a number of factors that led Currys management to review their brand Identity again. The Currys logo was not well liked within the business because:-
   It lacked standout on store fascia
   The colours didn’t remain true through different printing processes
   The slogan-row red was difficult to see as it is tonally close to the slogan-row blue – the logo ‘flares’
   The colours are not associated with technology
   It doesn’t really convey any personality
   The new 2 in 1 stores the Currys and PC World logos do not sit well together

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Merging the brand identities of two national retailers

After winning a competitive paid pitch to develop new logos for Currys, PC World 2-in-1 stores format, the latter objective sought to bring both brand names into one logo. Both names needed impact but with equal emphasis.

The logo and the store design needed to widen consumer appeal but also differentiate the combined offering from the competition. The identity needed to be simple, carry across all communications through the line, and work for all consumer touch points. The roll-out plan was such that the store portfolio would comprise mainly of 2in1 stores.

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What the client wanted form it's brand consultant and marketing services agency
A new brand identity that widens the appeal to target audiences without losing our value cslogan-row redentials.
To create a modern identity which plays to strengths as a multi channel technology retailer.
An identity that differentiates us from our competition and stands out in all store loca tions.
A simple brand identity that is carried across all communications through the line and is aligned to our brand values and our core purpose.
An identity than can work with the existing (or an updated) PC World logo in a 2 in 1 environment.

Design consultant Currys PCWorld brand identity

Considerations for retail branding technology stores
The approach can be revolutionary, but be mindful that we now have several iterations of the brand mark out in stores.
Some elements do work well currently i.e. Simple identity, has a seriousness about it. Typeface is distinctive (although weight can be and issue for legibility).
The new logo must be ready to present (and research) within a few months.
The new logo must work alongside the existing (or an evolution) PC World logo on 2 in 1 stores.

Currys PC World Brand Strategy Agency

The next step of the design process focused on communication at various points along the customer journey. We teamed up with the advertising agency M&C Saatchi to develop all the templates and communication for television, press, on-line portals and at the point of purchase for the stores:- information panels, visual identity, icons for home delivery. From the outset we developed a communication hierarchy that speaks to the customer, is holistic and provides ownership for Currys PC World.

We were also commissioned to design a new PC World business logo for their in-store department.

Currys PC World Consultants Brand Strategy Agency

Brand communication templates for press and in-store

The above advertisement was produced by M&C Saatchi and supplied by Currys PC World as asset collateral

Digital on-line advertisement in-store POS for Currys PCWorld
Technology store Currys PC World Design Consultants Brand Strategy Agency
Electronic Technology store Currys PC World Design Consultants Brand

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PC World business brand identity agency
Technology store Currys PC World Design Consultants Brand Strategy Agency
Digital on-line advertisement in-store POS for Currys PCWorld

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