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Technology and Electrical store retail branding, marketing and interior design.
Comet was the second largest electrical retailer in the UK with over 250 stores, with a total of 239,300sqm sales space, and 8,734 employees. Several years before the chain was sold by Kesa Group, France to private equity firm OpCapita, we created a new store environment which had warmth, accessibility, and improved product appeal.

Comet electrical retail store design Consultant Brand Strategy Agency

An electrical retail brand interior store design and communications suite.
Comet required a third generation format for their stores since becoming part of the Kesa Group and appointed our agency to create a new store layout and brand communication environment to maximise the advantage from Comet’s investment in improved service and staff. The concept made customer service visible and easy to use and integrated it into the customer journey.
Comet aimed to be the final place for customers to make their home electronic purchase and to be a friendly place to receive knowledgeable advice free from pressure. Convergent technologies between computers and home entertainment, home appliance and cooking and kitchens categories required our brand team to rethink new ways of displaying and communicating comparisons between products, their features and benefits. The black and orange branding is used to reinforce the authority of the service and benefits communication.

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Creating a leisure and entertainment store concept for retailers.
The central store areas were redesigned as a zone for the growing market in personal and portable technology. New inspiration and zoning communication were added to improve customer orientation. Service and consultation zones have a warmer and positive graphic presence at the front of the store with a colour and graphic treatment that defines the service pods throughout the store.

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Comet technology retail store design Brand Strategy Agency
Comet technology retail store design Consultant Brand Agency

We believe in-store point-of-purchase information, coupled with good advice from knowledgeable staff to be most important when attempting to influence the final purchasing decisions.

Retail sales assistants may not understand all of the products or have the knowledge to fully help the customer. Point of sale marketing material in-store is where manufacturers and retailers can take control, answer questions, and actually influence purchasing decisions. In the case of consumer electronics, many of purchases are incremental and impulsive in the form of accessories and complementary products. 

Comet technology retail store design Consultant Brand Strategy Agency
Comet technology retail format planning Consultant Brand Strategy Agency
Comet technology retail store format planning Consultant Brand Agency
Comet technology retail store design Consultant

What is the message that needs to be communicated in order to influence a purchase?

Consumer preferences change in terms of what engages them at retail. The environment, visual merchandising, colours, size, price, etc. all play a role in what grabs the consumers’ attention. It is best to keep messages simple instead of trying to list every feature and benefit in hopes of appealing to every person. It then has to be determined how to present those messages. Will signage communicate the messages? Is there a need to incorporate the product into a display so the customer can interact with it?

In determining how to present the product at retail, one extremely important factor to take into consideration is retailer collaboration. Not only do displays and signage have to communicate the messages needed to target the consumer, but they must also fit into the retail environment and meet specific retailer requirements. Today’s retailers are brands themselves creating store environments that carry common themes throughout the store. Manufacturers not only need to have a true understanding of their customers but also with the retailers that carry their product.

Our work with the management team at Comet was illustrative of the detail required when preparing a holistic in-store media programme.

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