Award-winning retail design agency based in London creates Argos store design and plan layouts, develops brand strategies, omnichannel branding and online digital POS.

Through brand building and online promotion campaigns, Argos continues to serve over 130 million customers annually via its internet portal and retail chain of over 700 stores.

Argos is unique among UK retailers and not least because its primary means of displaying merchandise to its customers is channelled through the design of an online catalogue and click and collect stores. The retailing model helps to keep overhead costs down which in turn supports lower prices for customers and the value of shopping at Argos.

Argos’ customers have the choice of shopping at a retail outlet or by placing orders over the internet, or phone. To service customers effectively in this multi-channel environment, Argos must ensure that it stocks the right items at the right locations to meet customers’ needs and that the store experience expresses the brand values. Optimising their store sales performance and inventory levels across its supply chain creates a significant challenge for Argos. The scale of its retail chain combined with the vast merchandise assortment it carries (more than 18,000 product lines stocked in the majority of stores) and the seasonality of its business creates enormous complexities for Argos’ planners.

Retail store design branding and in-store POS communications where the tills ring. 
Our work took account of the competitive environment, economic climate, management levers, customer perceptions, brand communication focus, environmental goals, shareholder objectives and the business proposition.

Through visionary branding, design planning of the customer journey, creative merchandising solutions and innovative refurbishment techniques applied to four format segments we sought to:- interpret - the mission, vision and values in 2/3 dimensions, communicate - choice and convenience, reflect a service philosophy - passionate about helping customers, create a store environment with - warmth and interest, focus on - low prices/value for money, engage customers - with a unique multi-channel offering, translate category strategy - into multiple formats.

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VM display, brand communications, online digital catalogue and quick pay.
A number of initiatives were set out to improve the store design. The design of the store has been made more welcoming and contemporary using creative solutions and practical methods of implementation. The retail space was re-planned to improve the customer flow and open up the sight lines. The self-service ‘Quick Pay’ kiosks were moved to a location providing greater prominence. An increase in ‘Quick Pay’ usage is key to delivering better customer service. This releases staff from the standard till payment process and delivers faster, more efficient customer service. The till bank was updated for space-efficient use.

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A new queuing system with integrated merchandising bins has been installed and the wall of product behind the tills re-merchandised to provide greater impulse sales opportunities. The “Collection” area has been re-designed to appear more efficient and dynamic. The new style browser unit, with a mid-floor and window promotion display option, is more modern and comfortable for customers to use. The jewellery department has been dramatically re-designed utilising existing fixtures. The lighting scheme was augmented to create different lighting levels and effects in the various zones of the store. Spray painting parts of the ceiling black helped to create a focus on key areas. All this was achieved using a budget not exceeding £30/sq ft.

Return On Investment Store design:-
The trial store was already one of the highest performing stores in the estate, yet this low budget refurbishment delivered results exceeding expectation. Post refurbishment sales uplift: • The average sales uplift vs. control stores is 10.9% and still maturing. • The average Jewellery sales uplift is 22.6% and still maturing. Peaking at 67.3%! • Mystery Shopping scores improved from 64% May ’07 to 98% May ’08 • Quick Pay customer participation pre-refit was c.25%, increasing to c.35% post refit • The intention to purchase moved from 76% pre-refit to 90% after • Customers found the store more spacious – “easier to find what I want” • Customer satisfaction from their visit moved from 82% to 90%


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We won the Retail Interiors Award and was also short-listed for one of the most prestigious awards in the retail industry, Retail Week Awards, Store Design of the Year for Argos.

This year the judges deemed our work for Argos under the category Store Design of the Year worthy of Finalist. Each year the Retail Week Awards help celebrate and reward the foremost aspects of the retail sector and the Award Shortlist is no exception. The finalists really do celebrate the innovative ways in which retailers engage with their markets, their exceptional points of difference to their competitors, their creativity and efficiency in this difficult market and radical new approaches to customer focus.


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