Argos jewellery and watch gallery brand identity
Jewellery store retail brand consultant

Brand consulting and design for jewellery retailers, strategy and marketing.

Following years of growth, Argos became the UK’s fourth biggest jewellery retailer. In recent times the market for jewellery has changed and Argos developed a new strategy incorporating third-party brands to meet a wider range of customer needs.

Argos jewellery and watch gallery brand identity

Jewellery retail store design, branding, and visual merchandising at Argos.
Working with the Argos Store Development and Marketing team, we developed an award-nominated store design with visual merchandise zoning solutions flexible enough to allow hero product categories to feature in different sizes of stores.
As the award-winning retail design partner, Argos management handed us the design task to revitalise the jewellery department with a new retail concept. The plan was a trial and this would act as a basis for all future store developments.
The proposed outcome would be manifest in a new format, visual merchandising, and store design for their retail outlet in the Silverburn Shopping Centre in Glasgow.

Argos jewellery watch gallery retail store design agency
Argos jewellery retail store design consultatant

Marketing and interior design solutions for stores.
We created a holistic store concept for the "Jewellery and Watch Gallery" brand and the visual merchandising solutions raised the overall quality perception of product on display in-store.

The excitement was a key factor in the design solution. Less product congestion, more attractive furniture and display solutions were building blocks for financial success. The vitrine displays act as a bridge drawing customers into the space and finally, the overall impression of the brand environment is to make customers feel special, with ample space to try on and discuss product specification with staff.

Argos jewellery retail store design consultatant
Argos jewellery retail store design consultatant

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