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Best supermarket store design, grocery shop layout and brand identity, food retail interiors and merchandising for Victoria Moscow, by our international design agency in London.
Victoria, a retail investment business vehicle established in Kaliningrad Russia, had grown rapidly to almost 200 stores in a very short space in time. The shareholders set its goal of becoming a serious player in the Russian Supermarket Food retail sector prior to the implementation of their endgame strategy. With few precedents in the Russian food supermarket retailing, the challenge to develop a successful brand and to maximise shareholder value required the retail expertise of an international branding agency with strategic food retail store design credentials.

We help business leaders develop a concise set of bold and innovative initiatives when creating retail brands.
Working closely with senior management executives, including the CEO, we developed proposals for the brand environment of the supermarket chain based on input from key stakeholders, and focus group consumer research. The research helped garner an understanding of “what delivers positive expressions for the store design"  within three formats (convenience stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets).

We benchmarked successful retail chains in Western Europe and incorporated our research within the proposed brand strategy. Our work-streams improved the money/meaning relationship between the goods and service provider (Victoria Group Retail), it's consumer audience and shareholder value at the point of disposal.

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We design powerful, creative and engaging retail brand experiences.
We set about creating a store environment based on the premise of exceeding customer needs, long-term customer relationships and deeper emotional bonds to drive brand.

The benchmark and research phases of the project helped to formulate conceptual elements for the brand identity and the brand environment. This included 'Real Food' values - fresh products are important to us. Customers are at the heart of our business - we always strive to provide honest straightforward service. We want to make life easier for our customers - giving them the opportunity to save time and money. We listen to our customers and suppliers - we are happy to change according to needs.

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