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Tesco’s supermarket store designers, develop a food retailing interiors concept and branding communications suite.
As part of a wider remit for the development of a new corporate identity, hypermarket, and convenience store formats for the Tesco Group, we were asked to create a new store design for the brand expression of the supermarket format. As with the hypermarket format, the ‘look and feel’ of the in-store experience was now in question and Tesco management wanted, a more customer-focused in-store experience which involved creating a new supermarket store concept in Welshpool, Wales in the United Kingdom.

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For the Supermarket format at Welshpool, our planning principles were to create:- A warm and welcoming first impression. An intuitive easy to shop customer journey. Destination ‘hero’ areas in dead corners of the store where the Bakery, the Wine Shop and Snack-shop were located. Emphasise the fresh experience to reinforce credibility in the category. Engage customers in sustainability and recycling and produce a softer and more natural palette of the exterior and interior materials and finishes for construction within the design of the building.

Tesco supermarket bakery department design consultant brand agency
Design bakery department at Tesco supermarket brand consultant
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Tesco retail supermarket store design consultant brand agency

Customer feedback:-
The 'ribbon' design feature links key departments and helps customers navigate the store and engage with new sign messaging. We believe it was a real step forward in functionality and tangibly a more modern store than the run of the mill Tesco big box experience. “It’s homely....the decorations, the signage and the layout, even though it is new, it feels familiar”.

Independent research:-
Tesco engaged a market research consultancy to measure customer reaction to the completed stores. The overall objective was for independent research to understand the initial impressions and impacts made by the new look and feel at both stores.

Customer feedback was indeed positive about the new design, aligning with the brand expressions. Principally the research was positive at Tesco Welshpool. In relation to the amount of emotional engagement – customers felt it was a “softer” more welcoming feel in store and on the whole, they were positive towards the visual aspects of architecture. “Better than expectation”– the design seeming warm to staff and customers alike.
Our use of colour therapy to add warmth and interest …resulted in most customers appreciating the injection of colour, seeing this as more welcoming and modern. They felt colour had a prominent role in making the produce area distinctive.
Our new ‘Every Little Helps’ pattern…was most appealing, with a feeling that Tesco was trying to be more family oriented, more friendly and welcoming. There was no discernible impact on price perceptions, which was a critical factor too.

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Community wall notice board at Tesco brand agency

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Tesco retail planning store design consultant
Tesco retail planning consultant
Tesco supermarket retail store design consultant brand agency

The prominence we gave to the entrance and creating retail zones, ‘Hero’ areas….gave it a more department feel. Technology kiosks were said to have purpose and function. Lighting was subtle and welcoming. The customer service area overall felt like ‘a step forward’ was the feedback. The Bakery created impact. ‘Hero’ areas (where we merged electrical & phone, and health & beauty using colour coding linked with emotion) “worked particularly well” and were appreciated. Additionally, customers really appreciated the prominence of the CSD area, as overt and appealing, with prominent but not ‘shouty’ messaging, matching our brief.

How did we express Tesco’s commitment to community and environment?
Customers appreciated the concepts of the notice board areas with the overall messaging right in terms of overall approach – simple and subtle, engaging in the right places. The dual language was appropriately executed customers said…and the environmental theme did register - with ‘zero’ carbon messaging getting through, and recycling scoring well as “like and appreciated”.


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