K-City Market, Finland hypermarket branding consultant
K-City Market hypermarket brand consultant
Kesko Finland hypermarket brand consultant

Best trend hypermarket retail shop design concept and in-store brand communications by the corporate branding company in London for Kesko, K-City Market Finland. 
The management of Kesko OY Finland understands the critical importance that values play in business today. Beyond its commercial operations, Kesko puts considerable emphasis on social and environmental issues, including respecting the environment, guaranteeing food safety, playing an active ethical and social role, and fostering solidarity through education and health. There is no doubt that a sharply focused retail strategy also contributes to the company’s strength. Kesko is among a small number of retailers in Finland whose value proposition is well defined in the minds of consumers, with access as the primary attribute and product as the secondary attribute.

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Innovative grocery retailing and brand communications in Finland.
Kesko is the second largest retailer in Finland, K-retailers form the K-Group, whose retail sales totalled about €11 billion in 2015.

The K-Citymarket hypermarket format comprises 79 stores throughout Finland and Baltic States. In an effort to develop a more experiential store brand the management of Kesko issued a brief stating they did not want to simulate the traditional European model of hypermarket shopping.

K-City Market fresh produce brand consultant

Preferring to create a hybrid approach to hypermarket retailing e.g. a full shopping experience that bridged every day with browsing, idea generation and indulgence for all the family; a shopping trip as flexible and as pleasant as possible. The outcomes desired by Kesko were designs for a new environment for non-food, designs for new merchandising, a new customer journey, new vibrant in-store communications and new shopping zones which would require specific design treatment but which would sit alongside a traditional food offer in a sympathetic manner.

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K-City Market’s retail store interior design consultant

We offer retailers brand and communication strategies to support management teams who aim to bring fresh, tasty and healthy products within reach of consumers.
The task we set our design team included the reinvention of the hypermarket format to meet the briefing requirement identified by Kesko. We advised that retailer branding should take the store as a whole as a starting point, rather than specific products and categories. This approach offers the biggest chance of success and highest synergies.

We noted that access in the form of convenient location remains an important element in the hypermarket channel.  However, the company’s domination on access extends to the inside of the stores, as Kesko engages in an ongoing process to optimize its internal access.  

Commercial tactics include the development of the brand, design of stores, a comprehensive merchandising programme, high visibility of new own label products, promotional items and easy navigation with precise targets and measures in terms of navigation cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

K-City Market, Finland hypermarket branding agency
K-City Market’s retail store interior and fixture design consultant

Amongst features created in the course of the design phase were: A new customer journey which encouraged visitors to the store to shop the entire store with colour coding of individual departments to aid navigation “Emotional zones” in which the shopping experience is influenced by variations in environment, lighting, layout, colour, fixtures and flooring. The lighting systems have been designed with warmer task lighting being increased and ambient lighting reduced. This reduces the energy output and lets in plenty of natural light to support the perception of freshness.

K-City Market’s design consultant children’s fashion department

A bold, new inspirational graphics package has been created to help reinforce the New and Fresh positioning.

Merchandising systems have been redesigned including the height of the units to create sight lines across to other areas of the store, aiding the customer journey and giving customers a fresher perspective of the entire store.

The approach to fashion seeks to take the best fashion retailing cues and to combine them with hypermarket value cues to create a sensational new fashion offer.

K-City Market’s sports fashion department brand agency
K-City Market’s sports fashion department retail interior brand agency
Hypermarket children’s toy department at K-City Market, design agency

planning the customer journey

Hypermarket K-City Market, design agency

the store before

the store after

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