Interspar, Austria's best compact hypermarket grocery retail store design and in-store POS marketing by our international brand communications strategy consultancy.

Leading edge companies are already employing game-changing ideas today. They are exciting, they work, but they also require a very different mindset than the ones employed by traditional grocery chains. If you believe that the inflextion point in the supermarket industry is already at hand, these ideas are necessary for future survival and must be implemented now. SPAR-AG is one of the largest business enterprises in Austria and has introduced revolutionary innovations in the grocery trade from the very beginning in 1954. A very important focus for the SPAR organisation has always been wide-ranging improvements in the customer experience.

Compact hypermarket brand design consultant Interspar

Retail designer and brand consultancy delivers marketing and interior design services.
Interspar hypermarkets feature a selling area of 2,500m2 to 7,000m2. Interspar management enlisted our help in the game-changing design for the non-food area of their 4600m2 compact hypermarket in Villach, Austria.

The design of store in Villach, in the seventh-largest city in Austria, has moved away from a traditional supermarket into a new kind of consumer entity a compact hyper-store.

The decision to vary store design, size and product mix adjacencies allows for further penetration of the marketplace by reaching consumers closer to where they live, commute or work. The design solution creates a compelling presentation of categories, the illusion of open space between each category utilising a combination of tall and small merchandise units. Improvements to way-finding communication make the store easy to navigate, matching product solutions to lifestyle needs.

Compact hypermarket interior store design Interspar brand agency

When it comes to grocery retail store design and branding, we aim to animate as many brands as possible.
The aim was to turn the Villach store into an ‘open room’ which was easy to navigate. This was to be achieved with a particular focus on creating a modern, familiar, yet exciting and authentic atmosphere with a price aggressive approach.

Visual Compact hypermarket retailstore design Interspar brand consultant

The signage system features inspirational images to encourage customers to new purchases.

We considered important factors such as orientation points, sight lines, information stream, pathway/customer journey and turning points of the customer journey. We created an enjoyable, easy shopping experience for the customer and sales driven focus for Interspar.

Visual Compact hypermarket retailstore design Interspar brand consultant

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