Best brand strategy retail interior bank branch design and branding for Promsvyazbank in the Russian by the international financial services marketing agency.

Promsvyazbank is among the top 3 private banks in Russia and is a universal commercial bank, founded in 1995. It is owned by Dmitry and Aleksey Ananyev and is the 10th largest bank in Russia by assets.

Retail design agency bank branch brands Promsvyazbank, Moscow

Bank branch design Promsvyazbank, Moscow brand consultants

Through design and digital branding strategies, we aim to plan future branch formats at PSB.
As part of a wider remit for the development of new retail branch design for the PSB Group, we were asked to create a brand environment expression for four branch formats. The executive management team were looking to us to develop a new ‘look and feel’ for their bank network that would take PSB to the next stage. They had a number of objectives in mind beyond the purely functional retail design that would prove integral to the success of the project. The consistency of implementation of the brand identity and the cost of constructing the branch had been an issue for the client in the past.

Brand consultants retail bank branch design Promsvyazbank, Moscow

Bank branch design Promsvyazbank, Moscow brand consultants

We were challenged to develop a ‘house style’ that delivers the brand values of PSB across the estate, from main branches through to mall kiosks. It was important to present a recognisable identity across all formats and communication material.

Bank branch design Promsvyazbank, Moscow brand consultants

Design consultants bank branch design Promsvyazbank, Moscow

Following a competitor review, branch audit, and consultation with PSB executives, we began creating the concept for branches, demonstrating a mixture of ergonomic good practice, illustrating interesting construction materials coupled to a range of relevant graphic signage solutions for the new branch formats.

Brand Agency bank branch retail design Promsvyazbank, Moscow
Brand Consultancy bank branch design Promsvyazbank, Moscow

When Promsvyazbank executive management invested in our design and format planning services, they discovered it was 15% cheaper to implement our concept compared with previous turnkey contractor appointments, and in addition, the Net Promoter Score index showed customer loyalty moved up from 10th position to 5th position.

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