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Read about supermarket fashion retailing interior design consultant’s work for Florence and Fred, Tesco’s own brand clothing brand agency.
As convenience becomes an increasingly important factor in determining spending habits, Supermarkets are emerging as a real power player in the apparel sector. The store experience is core to how customers feel about supermarkets so market leaders, like Tesco in the UK, continue to develop their product offering as customers change how they shop, and what they expect from their goods and services provider.

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What we did for Tesco’s Florence and Fred brand.
As part of a wider remit creating a new branding programme and retail interior design for two new Tesco hypermarket stores at Accrington and Welshpool, we were asked to design the Florence and Fred clothing departments.

The principal changes to the store design were: Lighting, merchandising systems, graphic communications and ‘colour therapy’. We introduced lots of colour to add warmth and interest to the store experience.

Our new ‘Every Little Helps’ pattern, seen in the banners, represents that Tesco offers something for everyone, from grocery to clothing - banking to healthcare. 

Our ceiling ribbon design feature links key departments and helps customers to navigate the store.

Florence and Fred Tesco fashion brand retail design consultant

We created a more intuitive and easy to shop customer journey. We also utilised dynamic high-level signage with inspirational photographic banners to form a gateway into the department.

Other design principles included the use of VM display points to clarify the product offered by gender. display fixture modification to provide a dynamic view of new season products and improved visibility of the cash desk.


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We improved track lighting, which added emphasis to the product offer; there was a warmer new-look service point that reinforces credibility in clothing, and suspended signage highlighted service in clothing.

Tesco engaged with an independent market research consultancy to measure customer reaction to the completed stores. Feedback was favourable. Referring to our new concept of clothing departments, the findings concluded, “Clothing area - a step forward” and, “Creates a warmer and more coherent experience” (Tesco Welshpool); “The use of colour appeals, and feels more welcoming” (Tesco Accrington).

Florence and Fred Tesco fashion store brand retail design consultant
Tesco fashion brand retail design consultant
Tesco fashion brand agency
Florence and Fred retail store design consultant

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