Chelsea Girl, a fashion brand identity and interior store design concept in the 1980’s by the international retail brands' agency in London.

From the 1960s when teenage culture was first born, Chelsea Girl offered affordable, fashionable clothing to a generation of youths. In order to drive profitable growth, the owners of the fashion retailer, the Lewis family believed their primary investment of management time and capital should be the design and procurement of stock. The second most important investment was store design, branding and the store-opening programme.

Chelsea Girl, a fashion brand shop window store design agency

What we did for Chelsea Girl fashion shops.
What we did for Chelsea Girl fashion shops. We designed the brand identity, store interior, fixtures, fittings, lighting systems, internal signage and POS promotions. We created retail fashion concepts for stand-alone stores, and shop within shop departments.

The store layout has been designed to include the “hummingbird strategy”, locating value lines, new seasonal ranges in “Zone A” where the new product is merchandised and displayed every week.

Fashion window display and retail store design consultant

Our work with retail fashion companies seeks to support management in their attempt to develop today's brand leader into tomorrow's success story.

The key issues for Chelsea Girl store design.
Clarity of proposition - gender segmentation in store.
The competitive environment - Top Man, Top Shop, Next.
Communication in-store - price value and trend.
The design of the store environment - vibrancy
Focus - new product and price.

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