Retail interior store design and branding for Adler, one of Germany’s largest mid-market fashion chains, by our design agency in London
As one of the leading textile retailers in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, and with more than 60 years of tradition and a high level of customer loyalty, Adler is, in its own estimation, the market leader among textile retailers for customers over 45 in Germany in the value price segment. The products are distributed via a broad network of currently more than 166 retail stores in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, as well as an online digital store.

The retailer started a programme of new store openings and delivered a new format at Limburg, which, although proving successful, required time and capital to implement. Adler was faced with a challenge. The company required a cost neutral design solution to apply to their existing stores and to achieve a transformation in their brand communications effectively, speedily and with a neutral or limited capital expense.

Principally, the company wanted to “fight the grey” and update the feel of how they were communicating with their customer in-store.

Adler brand retail store design consultants

What we did for Adler fashion retail shops 
After winning a competitive paid pitch to develop a new in-store shopping experience, we set about creating a graphic communication hierarchy to refresh the brand image of their stores. In so doing, all areas of the store interior design came under review, including sub-brands, visual merchandising displays, fixture systems, lighting, and the customer navigation.

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The solution for brand equity success
Part of the brief was also to evolve the strapline proposition, which went from ‘I Like This’ to ‘Your Fashion Store’ – a proposition that had greater resonance with its customer base. Throughout the store, the quality of service was reinforced through the use of targeted graphic communication.

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Also developed was the ‘Pretty in Pink’ proposition whereby the pink from the Adler logo was leveraged throughout the store – thereby enabling Adler to wholly own the colour in the marketplace.
Physical design elements were also developed, such as inspirational beacons, and brand ‘touch-points’ at the windows, lobby and entrance and customer service areas.

Adler lingerie POS communications and retail store design consultants
Lingerie POS communications and retail store design consultants

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Sketch of the women's wear department fashion stores Germany
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Fashion brand and retail store design agency
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Fashion brand retail store design agency

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