Hypermarket fashion brand equity, in-store communications and own brand private label retail store interior designers in Helsinki.

There is no doubt that a sharply focused retail strategy also contributes to a company’s strength. Kesko is among a small number of retailers in Finland whose value proposition is well defined in the minds of consumers, with access as the primary attribute and product as the secondary attribute. In this case study, we examine how supermarkets have copied fast fashion multiples and observe how business executives might increase sales using good design during the process of bringing the product from drawing board to the shop floor.

K-City Market’s hypermarket fashion brand agency

What we did for  Kesko’s  K-City Market hypermarket chain.
In an effort to develop a more experiential fashion store brand, the management of Kesko’s hypermarket division, K Citymarket in Finland, issued a brief confirming they did not want to simulate the traditional European model of hypermarket fashion shopping, preferring to create a hybrid approach to hypermarket retailing; e.g. a full shopping experience that bridged everyday shopping with browsing, idea generation and indulgence for all the family.

K-City Market’s hypermarket fashion brand and store interior design consultant

The solution to fashion shop design.
Our work took account of customer perceptions of K Citymarket’s fashion offer, brand communication, shareholder objectives (Kesko OY Finland) and the competitive environment. We dealt with category adjacencies, designed the store interior, fixtures, fittings, lighting systems, internal signage POS promotions and communication suites and shop within shop departments.

K-City Market’s kids fashion and brand consultant

K-City Market’s hypermarket fashion store design agency
K-City Market’s kids fashion and brand consultant