Russian Standard Vodka Folklore Sleeve design duty free retail brand consultants
Russian Standard Vodka POS material by the CampbellRigg brand consultants

Russian Standard Vodka duty-free airport travel retail brand building and marketing campaign by the international branding agency.
At the head of Russian Standard Vodka is the man who created it, Roustam Tariko.

Russian Standard Vodka is Russia’s number one premium vodka, and you can find it in more than 80 countries around the world.

Filtered for perfection, Russian Standard vodkas are all filtered to cleanse the liquid of impurities and achieve absolute transparency. Russian birch charcoal filters have a catalytic quality, forming esters that help to mellow the taste and bring up the aroma to eliminate sharp burn or bitter notes in the aftertaste.

CampbellRigg brand agency Russian Standard Vodka VM display airport duty free

An integrated marketing campaign in airports for Russian Standard.
We developed strong commanding visual imagery and merchandising solutions for relationship manager’s with customers in the duty-free trade in airports.

The programme of activation points included a small number of countries globally. Our brand team responsible for delivering the Russian Standard Gold Vodka in Sheremetyevo Airport, the Folklore Firebird in Changi and the Zubrowka Bar story in airports like Tenerife and Basel. Our brand team regularly provided creative solutions for pop-up installations and point of sale material.

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Russian Standard Vodka POS material by CampbellRigg airport duty free brand consultants
Russian Standard Vodka POS material, airport duty free, by CampbellRigg design consultants

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