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Duty-free advertising retail brands, visual merchandising and a marketing campaign for Bombay Sapphire.
If spirits brands are willing to engage with their customers more they will succeed in the exciting brand evolution of the drinks industry because premiumisation is driving spirits value and growth.

The potential of marketing and advertising convenience spirits brand through marketing campaigns, promotion 'gifting' channels have already made their mark. Premium gin brands with numerous botanicals have embraced developments in packaging design for  'ready to drink', the cocktails market, and the new consumer experimentation niche as consumers become more 'brand savvy' with spirits industry advertising campaigns.

These customers are looking for provenance, authenticity, heritage and quality as a de-seasonality of consumption is taking hold.

Bacardi Global Travel Retail brand agency Bombay Sapphire

we create interactive merchandising display systems

Travel retail advertising, marketing mix promotions and shop design. We create integrated brand-building campaigns for Bombay Sapphire.
We design highly visible and prominent ‘sensory’ displays so an air traveller would likely stop in their tracks, absorb information about the brand, and appreciate why it is a unique product. It is important that our interpretation of the integrated marketing communications strategy is realised in a display that would capture the brand essence and satisfy marketing criteria.

Bombay Sapphire Bacardi Global Travel Retail brand agency
Bacardi Global Travel Retail brand consultants Bombay Sapphire

Design of sensory display

The Marketing Campaign Solution.
With this brief in mind, we originated the Bombay Sapphire marketing design solution for the bespoke brand merchandising units.

We created an unconventional, highly-impactful design that would maximise in-store visibility so that air travellers would stop in their tracks and then through a very sensory display be engaged by the experience and in the process appreciate why Bombay Sapphire is a unique spirit;

The overall design of the gondola shape was inspired by the movement of the spirit vapour in the unique Vapour Infusion process. We wanted to create something that customers would be compelled to interact with. We did this by designing a ‘turntable’ copper basket, which sits within a circular illuminated cutout, and holds 10 uplit botanical glass decanters engraved with botanical drawings. Customers can open each decanter and smell the distillate inside, each distillate has been infused with the natural aromas of one of the 10 individual botanical ingredients. The unit holding the decanters is a smaller scale adaptation of the perforated copper basket that is used to hold botanical ingredients during Vapour Infusion.

The visual merchandising display had to be innovative and eye-catching in design. The unit is lit by a state of the art computer controlled light system. The top edge of the ‘S’ shaped central feature wall has flush continuous scrolling LED lighting to give movement to the unit; the curved central wall has a slogan-row blue finish on one side with perforations which are backlit – the LED lighting is animated to evoke visually the process of each botanical aroma being infused with the spirit. A slogan-row blue decal finish on the other side shows pictures of the natural botanical ingredients.

The gondola is complete with a digital touchscreen monitor mounted on an end panel and shows an advertising marketing campaign video of the Bombay Sapphire master mixologist making the signature cocktail, a perfect Bombay Sapphire.

Lastly, the unit displays ample product for the footfall volumes expected and meets the technical specifications of the duty-free operator.

The gondola was built by Pico Australia and installed in Sydney Airport with the assistance of Bacardi Global Travel Retail team in Australia.

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