A customer centric brand building marketing campaign for Bacardi in Airport Travel Retail stores by the branding agency for Bombay Sapphire - Old Tom Collins.

From Hanoi to Heathrow, our brand team had responsibility for delivering the Bombay Sapphire Collins story in airports of eighteen countries across the globe. Popularity and early years
By 1878, the Tom Collins was being served in the barrooms of New York City and elsewhere. Identified as ‘a favourite drink in demand everywhere both Tom Collins gin and whiskey and Tom Collins brandy were considered fancy drinks. In 1891, the gum syrup was replaced in the recipe by sugar and the use of Old Tom gin, a lightly sweetened Gin popular in 18th-century England.

Bombay Sapphire Collins POS design consultants
Bombay Sapphire Collins POS design consultants

A marketing and communications campaign for Bombay Sapphire Tom Collins.
With airport travel retail and duty-free store design and merchandising, we aim to animate as many brands and as many experiences as possible by making shopping a fun adventure. At the heart of this concept are branding and interior design. We designed a highly visible and prominent display in the duty-free segment so an air traveller would likely stop in their tracks, absorb information about Bombay Sapphire Collins and appreciate why it is a unique product at Heathrow Terminal 4, London.

Bombay Sapphire Collins brand identity agency

It was important that our interpretation of the theme was realised in centre floor, wall and column mounted merchandising and point of sale display that would capture the brand essence and satisfy certain criteria of the brand toolkit.

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