Bacardi Together is an integrated advertising marketing mix promotion campaign with customer centricity for airport travel retail.

Bacardi's Together Movement asks their consumers to fight the challenges of modern day society and is a celebration of reconnecting, of getting 'social' and a reminder that nothing beats getting together in person. It is a multi-media communications approach that includes TV, out-of-home advertising, public relations, experiential marketing, significant digital advertising and the ‘Like It Live - Like It Together’ engagement program on Facebook. But to produce meaningful differentiation a brand must always be consistent across all consumer touch points.

Maintaining brand consistency is forbidding the brand to wander away from the core proposition, maintaining the design guidelines so everything is visually interlinked. But a brand needs to breathe and interpretation using images and new iterations of the identity keeps a brand alive.

A duty-free marketing communications campaign for Bacardi Together.
With airport travel retail and duty-free store design, we aim to animate our client's brands. Our work for Bacardi Global Travel Retail involves working with existing brand assets, but also involves interposing new visual elements where necessary, and coming up with the concept idea for the display promotion. This produces a look and feels relevant to the airport travel retail environment. Bacardi's Together Flavours promotion is an integrated marketing communications programme first launched at Copenhagen Airport. We designed the mix it bars and displays pillars for the launch of Mojito along with interposing the brand assets for a new visual identity experience.

Bacardi Global Travel Retail brand consultants