Read about the duty-free travel retail shop design, advertising and an integrated marketing campaign, by our branding strategy consultant.

Bacardi management seized upon the pop-up store trend in airports and enlisted our brand strategy team for the creation and design of the Mojito Lifestyle experience.

We created the campaign, designed the assets for application to retail airport stores across the globe.

This was an ambitious programme of pop-up spirits retail branding to promote Bacardi Superior rum at select European airports and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

Duty free integrated marketing communications agency Bacardi Classic Mojito for travel retail consultants

Visitors to a Bacardi Mojito Lifestyle Experience pop-up outlets, learn how to make their own cocktail, receive a Bacardi muddler and leaflet to bring the exciting cocktail experience home when they purchase a one-litre bottle of Bacardi Superior Rum.

Pop up retail Charles de Gaulle airport Bacardi Classic Mojito travel retail agency

The brand environments feature a sampling bar, screens showing the new Bacardi ‘’Elixir’’ advertising campaign and the Bacardi Mojito muddler and first appeared at airports in Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Schiphol, Brussels, Rome, London Gatwick, Munich and Antalya.

Bacardi brand team predicted that 250,000 European travellers would sample a Bacardi Mojito as part of the promotion. The promotion was so successful it has now been rolled out globally.

Bacardi Classic Mojito Lifestyle Experience marketing campaign agency

According to Bacardi's travel retail team, the concept delivers on many fronts. It was all down to identifying an opportunity and the creation of a global marketing campaign to establish a fast-growing trend - the Mojito Lifestyle.